In order to pick up your schedule you will need to pay your fees for classes that have fees and pay any outstanding fees or fines.
PE Clothes will also be available. 
Monday - July 28th, 1:00-6:00
6th Grade Schedule Pick-Up
6th Grade will be able to rent their lockers and practice their combinations, decorate the inside of their lockers, because we will not do this the night of 6th grade orientation.
Tuesday - July 29th, 1:00-6:00
7th and 8th Grade Schedule Pick-Up
*NOTE* You will only be able to pick up your schedule on your assigned day.
6th Grade Orientation 
Tuesday - August 5 at 5:30 in the Gym. We will dismiss from the Orientation at 7:00.
Doors will open at 5:15.

 Brookwood Middle School
Battle of the Books Team
Ms. Lolley, Jake Dove, Jace Strickland, Tre Turner,
Kristen Elmore, and Ms. Thomas

CMT's reality date show "Sweet Home Alabama" with Kelsey Smith and Collin Varallo judged the Brookwood Middle School Beauty Walk Sunday, March 9, 2014. They posed with the contestants in each grade level after the judging was complete. 
6th grade
7th grade  
8th grade  
American Idol's Casey Thrasher Visits
Brookwood Middle School
Thrasher points to himself in the inaugural 8th grade class picture after speaking to
BMS students about making good decisions and chasing dreams.

*Miss Tuscaloosa JR High is open to girls in grades 6-8
*Miss Tuscaloosa High School is open to girls in grades 9-11
*Miss Tuscaloosa High School Senior is open to girls in grade 12
Entry fee for all three categories is $75.00
Competition Categories:
Fashion Runway—20%
Evening Gown—40%
$10.00 Entry fee for Miss Photogenic
Program Ad costs:
Full Page--$30.00
Half Page--$20.00
Quarter Page--$10.00
Patron Page--$5.00
Minimum five full page---Miss Tuscaloosa Hospitality
All Queens will have their entry fee paid in full to the Miss Alabama JR High*High School*Collegiate America Pageant.
    All alternates will have $50.00 paid on their behalf for entry into the Miss Alabama JR High*High School*Collegiate America Pageant.
  Miss Tuscaloosa High School Senior will receive a $250 scholarship paid to the college/university of her choice.



Flu Season Is Here
The flu season has arrived in Tuscaloosa, and the Tuscaloosa County School System is working to protect its students and employees.

The Tuscaloosa News has reported that flu cases are rising in Tuscaloosa. The TCSS Health Services department encourages parents and family members of all students to read the attached letter and to follow its instructions to help keep students as healthy as possible and to prevent the spreading of flu germs.

Too Sick for School?