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    Tuesday, August 4
    Schedule Pick Up
    7th and 8th Grades
    9:00 AM-3:00 PM
    Wednesday, August 5
    Schedule Pick Up
    6th Grade
    9:00 AM -3:00 PM
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STI Home Portal

The STI HOME component of INOW is now available for use by parents and students. From this point forward the program will be known as INOW Parent Portal.  To use the program you must first obtain a user name and password, which will be sent home from the school. To access the program, go to For detailed instructions on how to access INOW Parent Portal click here. INOW Parent Portal can be accessed through any device with internet access, including smartphones and iPads.

Current News

Congratulations Coach B and the CRMS Cheerleaders

First place in dance, first place in cheer, first place in sideline and
Dear Parents and Legal Guardians,

 The Superintendent. Administrative staff and the Board of Education hope your summer is going well and you have spent some quality time with your children.

 Please be advised that as a result of the action taken by our TCSS Board of Education clear and/or mesh back packs are not required for the 2015-2016 school year. We do prefer that you invest in this item but we understand that they are difficult to find at times and they are not as resistant and durable as other back packs.

 Also, as you go shopping for school supplies please remember that we have a very specific dress code. We have posted our Dress Code policy on our website for you to easily print when you take your child shopping for school clothes.

 Thank you for your assistance and diligence and we hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer with your children. 


Students who have not updated
their immunizations and blue
cards will NOT be allowed
to pick up a class schedule
and will NOT be allowed to
come to school next year.
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statuses concerning attendance
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CRMS is now participating in the
Coupons for Education pilot program.
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