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Dr. Stefanie Livers, Principal Investigator from the University of Alabama, is conducting a study called Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School: Focus on Math and Science Initiative.  She wishes to find out how the mathematics and science center would impact teachers’ instructional practice and teachers’ and families’ understanding of the new standards. Taking part in this study involves completing a web survey3 that will take about 20 minutes.  This survey contains questions about the center, standards, and family night.  
We will protect your confidentiality by using anonymous data (your name will not be needed.) Only Dr. Stefanie Livers (the investigator, research team members) will have access to the data.  The data are anonymous and password protected.  Only summarized data will be presented at meetings or in publications. There will be no direct benefits to you. The findings will be useful to others doing a similar project and educators for the purpose of replicating a center, project that involves families, students and teachers for the purpose of increasing understanding of the standards/ curriculum.  The chief risk is that some of the questions may make you uncomfortable.  You may skip any questions you do not want to answer. If you have questions about this study, please contact Dr. Stefanie Livers (investigator) at 205.348.8081 (telephone) or by email (   If you have questions about your rights as a research participant . contact Ms. Tanta Myles (the University Compliance Officer) at (205) 348-8461 or toll-free at 1-877-820-3066.  If you have complaints or concerns about this study, file them through the UA IRB outreach website at Also, if you participate, you are encouraged to complete the short Survey for Research Participants online at this website. This helps UA improve its protection of human research participants.
 YOUR PARTICIPATION IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.  You are free not to participate or stop participating any time before you submit your answers.8 If you understand the statements above, are at least 19 years old, and freely consent to be in this study, click on the link below to CONTINUE and  begin. 
Please click on the link below and follow the instructions to be a School Volunteer. Thank you!

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Our mission at Faucett-Vestavia Elementary is to foster a love of learning in an atmosphere which empowers all students to be confident, responsible, and productive leaders of today and tomorrow.
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 INOW Parent Portal

The STI HOME component of INOW is now available for use by parents and students. From this point forward the program will be known as INOW Parent Portal.  To use the program you must first obtain a user name and password, which will be sent home from the school. To access the program, go to and enter username/password.  INOW Parent Portal can be accessed through any device with internet access, including smartphones and iPads.