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Holt High School
Vision Statement

We envision all students will graduate with the academic, technological,
and social skills needed for successful futures.

Belief Statements

In order to realize our vision, we are committed to:

Maintaining high expectations and performance standards for faculty, staff,
students, and adults. [Expectations]

Consistently monitoring,measuring, reporting, and using data to improve
student achievement. [Expectations]

Recruiting and retaining highly qualified, technically proficient, skilled
teachers who are engaged in continuous professional development.

Delivering rigorous,relevant content through effective, engaging
instruction. [Curriculum and instruction]

Creating a culture that embraces change, promotes dynamite continuous
improvement, and sustains an organizational climate where all stakeholders
take responsibility for the academic achievement of all students. [Culture
and climate)

Valuing and supporting the diverse learning styles of all students regardless
of ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. [Diversity)

Providing a safe,supportive, and nurturing learning environment. [Safety)

Flu Season Is Here
   The flu season has arrived in Tuscaloosa, and the Tuscaloosa County School System is working to protect its students and employees.
   The Tuscaloosa News has reported that flu cases are rising in Tuscaloosa. The TCSS Health Services department encourages parents and family members of all students to read the attached letter and to follow its instructions to help keep students as healthy as possible and to prevent the spreading of flu germs.

Notice to Tuscaloosa County School System Families:

Along with maintaining our instructional program, student safety remains as our greatest concern. In times of threatening conditions due to severe weather, we have developed a plan throughout the Tuscaloosa County School System to allow for a delayed opening of school. If such action is required, the time for the opening of school will be announced through all normal media outlets, system website, and parent notification system. Bus transportation schedules will be adjusted to allow for the delay and breakfast will be offered upon students' arrival to school. Schools will follow their regular afternoon dismissal plan.  If absences are related due to severe weather, please contact your local school administrators.

INOW Parent Portal
The STI HOME component of INOW is now available for use by parents and students. From this point forward the program will be known as INOW Parent Portal. To use the program you must first obtain a user name and password, which will be sent home from the school. To access the program, go to https://inow.tcss.net/ or detailed instructions on how to access INOW Parent Portal click here. INOW Parent Portal can be accessed through any device with internet access, including smartphones and iPads.

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