• 6th Grade Supply List 2011-12


    6th GRADE

    Supply List (2011-2012)


    Collins-Riverside Middle School



    **IMPORTANT:  ONLY see-through (mesh/clear) backpacks/book bags are allowed at school.**



    Classroom supplies needed for all 6th grade students:

    q    5 Three-ring 1-inch Notebooks (for math, English, science, social studies, and an elective)

    q    7 Packets of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (one packet each to be given to math, English, and social studies teachers; four packets to be placed in student notebooks for math, English, social studies, and elective)

    q    1 Ream of Xerox Copy Paper (math)

    q    3 Nylon Pencil Pouches (one in each notebook for Math, English and social studies) that  contain:

    §         Math – pencils, red pen, 2 basic four-function calculators (for home/school), and twistable crayons

    §         English –pens, twistable crayons, and 2 glue sticks

    §         Social Studies - pens, twistable crayons, small scissors, and 2 glue sticks

    q    Notebook Dividers (5 dividers for each subject)

    q    2 Composition Notebooks (science)

    q    2 Bottles of Antibacterial Soap (science)

    q    Small Handheld Pencil Sharpener

    q    Physical Education - one folder with brads and pockets; 1 box Band-Aids (boys), 1 roll of paper towels (girls); gym suits will be available for purchase on schedule pick-up day


    Teachers request the following supplies that will be distributed among all 6th grade teachers:

                       Boys (give to your math teacher)                                  Girls (give to your social studies teacher)

    q    4 Rolls of Paper Towels                                          __ 1 Box of Band-Aides

    q    2 Clorox Wipes                                                        __ 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

    q    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer                                     __  Ream of Xerox paper

    q    Ream of Xerox paper                                             __ 3 Boxes of Kleenex


    Teen Challenges (Elective) Give to Mrs. Ford:

    q    1 1-Inch White Notebook with Clear View Cover

    q    Pencils/Pens

    q    3 Rolls of Paper Towels

    q    1 Box of Kleenex

    q    Girls: 1 Bottle of All Purpose Cleaner (i.e. 409)

    q    Boys: 1 Bottle of Liquid Hand Soap


    Beginning Band (Elective) Give to Mrs. Price:

    q    Supplies for Instrument

    q    Essential Elements Book 1

    q    2 Rolls of Paper Towels

    q    1 Canister of Clorox Wipes

    q    1 Ream of Copy Paper

    q    1 White Three-ring 1-inch View Binder with Dividers


    Donations Needed and Appreciated!

    Due to proration, teachers will receive ZERO money from the state this year for instructional and classroom supplies. A donation of $10.00 for the library and each core class (math, science, social studies, and English) is very important for library books, classroom materials, projects, labs, and activities.  Students may bring donations directly to each teacher.  Checks may be made payable to Collins-Riverside Middle School.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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