Collins-Riverside Middle School

The Riverside Way: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


  • Drop Off/Pick Up Information


    • Students are not allowed in the school until 7:30 
    • Car Riders: Enter the driveway near the softball fields, walk in the front of the school to enter the gym.
    • If it is raining– students may enter the school via the covered walkway and use the front hallway to get to the gym
    • Cars are not allowed in the bus lane in front of the school
    • Bus Riders: Will be dropped off in front of the school and will enter the school through the gym door.
    • Walkers: Students will walk around to the front of the campus and enter the school through the gym doors

    Upon entering the building student may...

    1. Remain in the gym and sit in their assigned grade-level area. 
    2. Go to the cafeteria for breakfast, only students who are eating breakfast can go to the cafeteria. 
    3. Go to the band room (only an option for band students)

    In all three areas, students must remain in that chosen location until the bell rings for first period. No student should be in the hallways before 7:55.


    • The day ends at 3:00.
    • Teachers will dismiss students from the classroom, not the bell.
    • Students are to go to their lockers, if needed, and quickly exit the school.
    • If a student wants to ride the bus home with another student, this must be approved by an administrator. There is a form that must be completed. This must be completed and approved prior to dismissal.
    • Students are NOT allowed to cross the car pick up line in front of the school to go to a parked car. All cars must go through the pick-up line.
    • Car Riders
    • Car riders should exit in the front of the school.
    • Students will wait on the porch near the gym to be picked up.
    • Bus Riders
    • Bus riders will exit through the courtyard doors, and go promptly to their bus.
    • Students should NOT exit in the front of the building to go to a bus.
    • Students on late busses will wait in the courtyard area for their bus to arrive.
    • Walkers
    • Students will exit through the courtyard doors - ONLY
    • Students must wait until there are no buses in the bus lane before they begin walking.
    • Teachers will prompt students on when it is okay to leave campus.


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