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2018 Graduation Ceremonies

  • Course Selection Card Information

    Counselors will be in the cafateria Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to answer questions. 

    A Completed Card Includes:

    • All forms must remain attached
    • Cards must be signed
    • Cards cannot be blank, must complete all elective boxes (do not duplicate electives)
    • Elective credits must total 6 credits
    • Two ½-credit electives counts towards 1 elective choice (ex. law and society and fashion counts towards 1 elective choice)
    • You must write down alternate electives that you are willing to take
    • Late, incomplete, blank cards will be scheduled last and won’t be changed
    • Submit cards by Monday, 3/26, to enrichment teacher DURING enrichment – not the office
    • If you are absent on Monday, have a friend submit your card to your enrichment teacher        


    • Graduation requirements – refer to catalog, page 14
    • All students must complete 4 of each core class.
    • ½ credit of Health is required (summer school option available)
    • LIFE is required (JROTC , concert band and sports scheduled during the day fulfill this requirement)
    • 3 additional requirements: combination of a career technical course, foreign language OR fine art.
    • Career Preparedness is required and does NOT count towards a career tech credit 

    Alabama High School Diploma (AHSD) and AHSD with Distinction   

    • Refer to student catalog – page 14
    • AHSD with Distinction requires all advanced classes and one year of foreign Language (must reach pre-calculus or analytical math) 

    Tuscaloosa Center & Technology Academy (TCTA)

    • Available courses – https://www.tuscaloosacityschools.com/domain/45
    • Transportation provided (students MUST ride bus, students can’t drive themselves)
    • 3 periods needed to take TCTA courses (students repeating failed courses won’t have enough time in their schedule)
    • 2 career technical credits can be awarded/earned
    • Grades, discipline and attendance will be evaluated before placing students at TCTA
    • Write down TCTA only once under elective choices (students who write TCTA 3 times on card will be considered incomplete)
    • Include which course at TCTA you would like to take 


    • Required to complete 140 hours
    • Only write co-op down ONCE
    • Students can only take co-op during 8th period

     AP Courses

    • Students who request AP will not have their schedule changed next fall (same for Pre-AP requests)
    • Be mindful of AP test fees.  Students must pay fees at schedule pickup.     

    Course Overrides

    • Students who override course recommendations will not have their schedule changed next fall.

    Courses where teacher provides roster

    • Students in these classes/activities should only write down activity ONCE on card like athletics and band 

    Courses with teacher approval/application

    • Get application from the teacher.  Teacher will provide final list to counselors.


    Foreign Language

    • Most 4 yr colleges require at least 1 year of foreign language in high school

     Dual Enrollment

    • Earn high school AND college credit.
    • Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher for technical courses, 3.0 for core classes
    • Refer to catalog, page 10, for approved dual enrollment courses (Most core classes aren’t approved)
    • Dual enrollment scholarships are available for career technical courses. Must access your career goals in career cruising, goals must align with Shelton course for scholarship.
    • Seniors only - Students must provide proof of enrollment of college class (Shelton, UA, etc.) at schedule pick up in fall to be scheduled “off campus”
    • Seniors only - Student may only write down “off campus” once on card (indicate college attending)

     Accelerated high school

    • Earn only college credit
    • Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
    • Not limited to courses
    • Seniors only - Students must provide proof of enrollment of college class (Shelton, UA, etc.) at schedule pick up in fall to be scheduled “off campus”

     Take a picture of your completed card

    • Schedule changes will be limited next fall.
    • A picture will remind students what they signed up – hopefully resulting in fewer schedule change requests.


    • Counselors will be in the cafeteria Tuesday – Thursday to answer questions
    • Ask to be added to Mrs. Woodroof's email list. Email her at ewoodroof@tcss.net 
    • Build your resume now! Click here for website.
    • Anticipate scholarship opportunities! Click here for website.
    • “Like” HHS Counselors on Facebook (don’t request to be friends)
    • Summer school applications will be available in May (posted on announcements)
    • Students who wish to enroll in the Virtual Program need to check Tuscaloosa County School website. The online application available June 1st – July 20th https://www.tcss.net/Domain/4



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