About Our School

  • Big Sandy Elementary opened in August, 2013 with 368 students in grades K-5. The school was built to ease overcrowding of the community's K-2 and 3-5 schools. Teachers and support staff came from the two schools to form the new staff of Big Sandy Elementary.
    They currently serve PreK - 5th grade.  Big Sandy Elementary enjoys the support of the community members, many of whom attended the original Big Sandy Elementary that was located in the community 60 years ago.
    The faculty, staff, and stakeholders of Big Sandy Elementary are committed to creating and maintaining a warm, friendly, and caring environment that will enable students to thrive and accomplish great things. High expectations for both academics and behavior, as well as good communication with students and stakeholders, will produce great students who do great things.
    The original Big Sandy School opened in 1909 and closed in 1959.  It had no indoor plumbing except for water in the lunchroom supplied by a nearby well.  The bathrooms consisted of outdoor toilets along the wood line away from the school, one for girls and one for boys- "three holers".
    During the winter months, heat was provided by coal fired cast iron heaters.  Students were hired to build fires and take out the ashes.
    The area where the current Big Sandy Elementary school is located used to be cotton fields and sits on Upper Hull Road. In the past the area was known as "The Hulls". Around 1835, Henry Hull purchased 2000 acres of land and named it Hull Plantation. He planted cotton and corn fields on his land. In 1871, the Hull Railroad Station was built and Henry Hull shipped his cotton and corn by rail. The area still proudly bears the Hull name with Upper Hull and Lower Hull Roads.