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  •  Schedule pick-up on July 31st: 

    9-11 a.m. 11th & 12th grade

    1-3 p.m. 9th & 10th grade


    *You must have completed Infosnap and paid school fees in full in order to pick up your schedule.*

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    Open House is on August 14 at 6:00 PM  


    WOW Varsity

    West Alabama Works:  World of Work Logo

    A special Worlds of Work event geared for students grades 9-12 and their parents to learn more about high growth, high demand occupations in our region.  Get a first-hand look at many jobs from local industry professionals.

    Those attending will have the chance to win a semester’s tuition to either Shelton State Community College or Bevill State Community College.

    Thursday, October 12 from 2pm-7pm at Shelton State Martin Campus
    Sipsey Valley High


    Schedule “A”

    1st period                          7:50- 8:44      54 min

    2nd period                         8:49- 9:43      54 min

    3rd period                          9:48- 10:42    54 min

    4th period                          10:47- 11:41   54 min

    5th period                         11:46-12:40     54 min

    “C” lunch                         11:41-12:01     20 min

    “D” lunch                         12:45-1:05       20 min

                                              12:06-1:00        54 min

    6th period                        1:05-1:59             54 min

    7th period                           2:04- 3:00         56 min   

     (w/ PM announcements)


    Advisory Schedule   “B”                                                      Break Schedule “C” 

    1st period          7:50- 8:38     48 min                              1st period        7:50- 8:43     53 min

    2nd period         8:42- 9:30      48 min                             2nd period       8:47- 9:40     53 min

    3rd period           9:34- 10:22    48 min                            Break               9:44-9:49        5 min

    4th period          10:26- 11:14   48 min                            3rd period       9:53- 10:46   53 min

    Advisory          11:18- 11:41    27 min                           4th period       10:50-11:41   51 min

    5th-7th period     same as regular                                     5th- 7th period   same as regular




    Congratulations to our students who passed the ServSafe Manager's Certification Exam
     ServeSafe    ServeSafe   ServeSafe   ServeSafe
    ServSafe   ServSafe
     This year Sipsey Valley High School had twenty three students who passed the ServSafe Manager's Certification Exam which is valid for five years and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conference for Food Protection (CFP).  This program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Those certified learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by food service industry experts.   
    *Special thanks to Mrs. Denise Shirley, the County Extension Coordinator for the Tuscaloosa County Cooperative Extension System, for helping to prepare students for the exam. 



    2017 FLBA  


     Demecia McCollumn is the SVHS representative for FBLA & FCCLA

    Art Students  
     Congratulations to TyAsia White, Jana Hubbard, and Brandi McKnight.  Their artwork was selected at the system level to participate in the State Superintendent's Visual Art Contest.  Only fifteen pieces can be entered by each school system within the state.  Their artwork will be on display in Montgomery April 2017 - March 2018.

    Congratulations to Brooke Landolt and Tyler Christian. Both were selected to represent Sipsey Valley High School in the Alabama All-State Choir. 



    The 4-H ServSafe Club would like to give you some important information about food-borne illness.

    Food-borne illness is a disease transmitted to people by food.  Everybody can get sick but the high risk populations are the very old, the very young, and those with a compromised immune system.  You can prevent food-borne illnesses from bacteria by cooking food to the correct temperatures.  You can prevent viruses by having good personal hygiene.  You should prepare your food like high risk populations will be coming in a restaurant.  The most common illnesses are called, "The Big Six".  They are Ecoli, Shigella, Salmonella Thyphi, NTS, Hepatitis A, and Norovirus.  The first four are bacteria's.  Hepatitis A and Norovirus are viruses.

    Lexi Templeton

    4H ServSafe Reporter


    To: All Parents, Staff and Local Supporters
    In an effort to raise money for our school we are asking that you please donate all empty/used Inkjet and Laser Cartridges as well as old Cell Phones.  Cartridges and Phones can be collected from home, work, friends or neighbors. This will allow our school to raise much needed funds as well as protecting the environment. Cartridges should be placed in a zip lock bag or wrapped in cellophane to prevent leakage. 
    Thank you for your support of our School! 

    Sipsey Valley Auxiliary won a donation from Crimson Chiropractic. Crimson Chiropractic wanted everyone to go to their Facebook page to like and review it. Sipsey had the most to like, follow, and review their page.  The line received a donation for $200.00, a free photo shoot, and the sponsor receives a free hour massage.


    Dance Line  

    Girls left to right Allison Hayes, Abigail Phillips, Chasity Barrett, Meagan Rodriguez, Kaley Sellers, Destini Russell, Front row Brandy (Crimson Chiropractic), Denise Junkin, Janay Hoss, Ryanna Swindle, Kayleigh Braughton, Gracie Mullenix​


    The Tuscaloosa County School System is excited to announce an online student registration/data validation system for the upcoming school year, powered by InfoSnap. The system is a secure and green process, which allows the district to verify all student demographic, emergency and medical information for your child prior to the start of the new school year. The system will also allow you to electronically sign the annual permission forms for school district policies. In short, this online process replaces all the hard copy student registration and permission forms that your child brings home on the first day of school.

     When it is time to fill out the online form, you will receive a letter/email from the Tuscaloosa County School System with instructions on how to access the system for your student. The email will contain a link/instructions and a secure “snapcode” that links directly to your student’s information. You will create an account, that you will use each year for this process, and submit a form for each student in your family. To make the process easier for families with multiple students, you will have the option to copy all generic family information to all other students in your family.

     We would appreciate all families to take action and complete these forms as soon as possible after receiving the letter/email. Your student’s registration will not be complete until the forms have been submitted. If you do not have access to the Internet, contact your child’s school and you can make an appointment to use a school computer to complete the process. If you have any further questions, please contact the school office.


    2016 SGA members:
    Riley Barger, Alegna Contreras, Elijah Mott, Peyton Handley, Brandi McKnight, Reece Weaver, Karen Ruiz, Abigail Phillips, Hanna Grace Kelly, Hayden Kelly, Alex Goins, Meagan Rodriquez, Kanecia Coleman, Laura Wright, Dalton Boswell, Lindsay Wesson, Payton Ingram, Mary Morgan Mills, and Karlee McDaniels

     These Sipsey Valley High School students took and passed the ServSafe Manager's Certification Exam which is valid for five years and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conference for Food Protection (CFP).  This program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Those certified learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by food service industry experts.  

    2-1-1 Information and Referral is a service agency through United Way of West Alabama. 2-1-1 covers Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Marengo, Pickens, Sumter and Tuscaloosa Counties. 2-1-1 can refer callers to resources and information which includes: utility bill assistance, food, and clothing along with many other health and human service resources that can empower residents toward self-sufficiency

     IT Trio
    Want to learn more about the online resources for parents and students provided by Tuscaloosa County School System?
    Click the link below. 

    Attn. Students:  Please be aware of the following changes concerning check outs:  All check outs require a parent note, unless it is an emergency, or a parent to be present.  Check out notes must be turned in to the office before school begins.  We can no longer accept emails for check outs.  Again if you need to check out you must turn in a parent note before 8:00 or your parent will have to come to the office.


    Interested in playing a sport in college? Click here to learn more about NCAA requirements



Online Student Registration

Sipsey's Spectacular Students

    Sixteen SGA members have earned a total of 825 community service hours this past year for an average of 51.56 hours per person.  Our top 3 members with the highest number of service hours are as follows:
    Meredith Parson - 148 hours
    Riley Johnson - 63 hours
    Brianna Graham - 62 hours

    The Sipsey Valley 4-H Archery Club attended the Natural Resource Field Day at Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area in Moundville, Alabama, on Thursday, May 10th.  They toured the area and learned about herbicide/burn/long leaf management, feral pig management, deer research and southern pine beetle.  The SVHS 4-Archery Club was then introduced and appreciation was expressed to the National Wildlife Turkey Federation and the Tuscaloosa County Extension System.   Each archery member was allowed to demonstrated his/her archery skills to the group.  We are hopeful that more schools will take an interest in the 4-H Archery program.

    Archery     Archery
    Individual picture - Cescily Barrett
    Group picture - (back row L to R) Doyle Davis, Mrs. Myra Parson, Mrs. Denise Shirley, Ms. Shana Scovic, Landon Jacobs, Mr. Makemson, (front row L to R) Cesily Barrett, Madison Krebs, & Meredith Parson 

    Justin Thomas and Jaysa-Hope Caldwell help pack up the 40 boxes the Sispey students collected to donate to Operation Christmas Shoe Box. 
    Operation Christmas  

    Senior students visit former student, Rashod Thomas, at the Crossing Points production of Alice In Wonderland.
     Alice in Wonderland

    Congratulations to the students who earned a spot at the Honor Roll Party for the 1st 9 Weeks 
    Thank you to our Adopt-a-school partners, SSAB for providing the rewards for the Honor Roll Party!  
    Honor Roll   

    Congratulations to the Freshmen who earned a spot at the table for their Freshmen Luncheon!
    Freshmen Luncheon