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Academic Session 2018-2019 Registration

  • Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year are now on sale. They are $50 through the end of August. They can be purchased online with a debit/credit card at or from Mr. Newell with cash or check. If you need an order form, click the link below or pick one up in the high school office. The price will increase on September 1st.

    Yearbook Order Form

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  • Dr. Walter Davie and the central office staff will hold a community forum for the Sipsey Valley and Hillcrest school zones on Monday October 1st at Hillcrest High. The program will begin at 6:00pm. All stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

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  • The SVHS Cheerleaders went to Eagles Wings on September 19th. They did cheers and dances with the residents there.   

    Cheer Eagles Wings 1    Cheer Eagles Wings 2    Cheer Eagles Wings 3    Cheer Eagles Wings 4



    IFL Graduates

    Six TCSS students graduated from the 2018 FBLA Institute for Leaders held prior to the National Leadership Conference June 27-July 1 in Baltimore, Maryland.  IFL is a two-day intensive training in Business, Entrepreneurship, Career, Technology, Communications, and Leadership completed by approximately 300 students of the 14,000 attending the FBLA national conference.  Pictured L-R are Heather Gladney (Sipsey Valley), Amber Fenimore (Northside), Brady Gregory (Northside), Grant Lewis (Sipsey Valley), Jackson Olmstead (Northside), and Trevor Nero (Holt) 


     Pop Tabs


    Send them to Mrs. Keeton in Room 1115





    Sipsey Valley High


    Schedule “A”

    1st period                          7:50- 8:44      54 min

    2nd period                         8:49- 9:43      54 min

    3rd period                          9:48- 10:42    54 min

    4th period                          10:47- 11:41   54 min

    5th period                         11:46-12:40     54 min

    “C” lunch                         11:41-12:01     20 min

    “D” lunch                         12:45-1:05       20 min

                                              12:06-1:00        54 min

         6th period                        1:05-1:59             54 min

              7th period                           2:04- 3:00         56 min   

     (w/ PM announcements)


    Advisory Schedule   “B”                             

    1st period          7:50- 8:38     48 min        

                2nd period         8:42- 9:30      48 min                   

     3rd period           9:34- 10:22    48 min       

                        4th period          10:26- 11:14   48 min                          

              Advisory          11:18- 11:41    27 min                   

                          5th-7th period     same as regular                                     


     Break Schedule “C” 

    1st period        7:50- 8:43     53 min

    2nd period       8:47- 9:40     53 min

    Break               9:44-9:51        7 min

     3rd period       9:55- 10:46   46 min

     4th period       10:50-11:41   51 min

    5th- 7th period   same as regular



    To: All Parents, Staff and Local Supporters
    In an effort to raise money for our school we are asking that you please donate all empty/used Inkjet and Laser Cartridges as well as old Cell Phones.  Cartridges and Phones can be collected from home, work, friends or neighbors. This will allow our school to raise much needed funds as well as protecting the environment. Cartridges should be placed in a zip lock bag or wrapped in cellophane to prevent leakage. 
    Thank you for your support of our School! 





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