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    Imagine a place of learning, laughing and loving, a place where music and miracles happen every day. A place where you very well might see a child taking his very first steps in the hall or a student nearing his mark for graduation. Hear the sounds of preschool children singing of Dinosaurs, Days of the Week and Hungry Alligators. A place where each individual is valued regardless of abilities or disabilities; each child is taught according to his or her specific needs, and every child experiences success – whether in the small turn of a head, in the production of an award winning work of art, or in an improvement in self-control and self-reliance. Now, open your eyes and witness these very special imaginings becoming a reality! Lloyd Wood Education Center, home of Sprayberry Center, Pre-K, GRAD Academy and ELEVATE where barriers are overcome and all students triumph.

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    March 27, 2020
    With so much changing minute by minute, and now the decision that we will finish the school year in a non-traditional way, we realize our families have many questions
    and concerns.  Our TCSS Help Line is a way for you to ask questions, get information on resources in our community, connect with school administrators, and more.
    The number to call is (205) 342-2920.  We will have a translator to assist with calls from families of our English Language Learners.  Please share this information.
    This is one of many ways we will connect with our families as we move forwared together.
    Help Line Dates/Hours of Operation (Check frequently as the schedule may be updated)
    Friday, March 27th    8:30-11 am
    Monday, March 30th   8:30-11 am 
    Wednesday, April 1    8:30-11 am
    Friday, April 3            8:30-11 am

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