Jack McCauley Jr.

    Hello Brookwood Middle School and the community.
    I'm excited to be teaching 7th and 8th grade Math, and working with the students.
    I began my career with an Associate of Science degree in Chemical Technology, working at nuclear power plants across the U.S.. I worked in the chemistry and radiation safety departments for 15 years earning a Bachelor of Science degree in the process. Toward the end of my nuclear power career I began working as an instructor at the plants. I enjoyed teaching and decided to transition into a career in public education.
    I entered the Fifth Year program at U.A.B. earning a Masters degree in Secondary Education. I taught high school science classes for several years and enjoyed those classes. But always looking for a new challenge, I decided to become a math teacher (my favorite subject). I passed the math highly qualified tests and have been teaching high school and middle school math in recent years.
    I'm looking forward to a great school year, helping your students get ready for a successful future.
    Jack McCauley Jr.