• 2024-2025 Returning Student Registration

    The Tuscaloosa County School System is excited to offer our students and parents the opportunity to complete online student registration.  When you register your student, please make sure you select the correct link.

    The links below are for Returning Student Registration for the 2024-2025 school year, running from August 2024 - May 2025. 

    If you choose the incorrect link, you will have to re-register into the correct school year; data is not transferable.

    Be sure to Log Out of PowerSchool Enrollment (InfoSnap) when you have completed registration.

    After completing online student registration, you may still be required to visit the school campus and present proof of residency, along with other documents, as needed from the school.  Please contact the school direct to inquire about their office hours, and how they would accept documents, or when they would be able to have visitors on their campus.

    The McKinney-Vento Act requires state and local educational agencies to remove barriers to school enrollment.  The right to enroll immediately in school, even without documents normally required for enrollment, is one of the core protections of the Act.  It recognizes that homelessness often makes it impossible to prove residency, produce immunization and other health records, and, for youth experiencing homelessness on their own, have a parent or guardian complete the enrollment process.