A Rich Heritage
    Since the year 1917, Buhl Elementary School has been a major component of this close knit community.  In the community's early years, the school served, along with the Baptist church, the post office, and the local sawmills, as the central hub of activity and development.  The local dirt roads, nearby train tracks, and Sipsey River were an appendage to this cluster of businesses.  The local boys of the Buhl community provided heat by shoveling coal to the stoves throughout the school day.  Today, almost 100 years later, updates have been made and structures have been renovated or demolished but Buhl Elementary School still serves as a primary focus to this small community in the western region of Tuscaloosa County. 
     A Rich Heritage
    Former Principals
    1917-1920      Mr. J.V. Dillard
    1920-1921      Mr. O.H. Bowers
    1923-1924      Mr. O.C. Robertson
    1924-1926      Mr. John Martin
    1926-1928      Mr. Bizell   
    1928-1929      Mr. H.H. Rudd
    1929-1930      Mr. Walding
    1930-1932      S.J. McCall
    1932-1935      Mr. N.F. Nunnley   
    1935-1938      Bess Cleveland (Bonner)
    1938-1942      Mr. H.H. Rudd
    1942-1943      Mr. Walter Philips
    1943-1944      Mr. D.M Briscoe
    1944-1961      Mr. Cecil Weaver
    1961-1967      Mrs. Janice Weaver
    1967-1969      Mr. John Douglas
    1969-1970      Mr. Giesselem
    1970-1972      Mr. Ross Hutton
    1972-1973      Mr. John Hinton
    1973-1982      Mr. William (Bill) Niles
    1982-1996      Mrs. Robin Runcie
    1996-2002      Mrs. Sheila B. Rice
    2002-2005      Mrs. Lucy Sellers
    2005-2014      Mrs. Linda M. LaFoy
    2014 - present   Mrs. Vanessa Clay