Brookwood Elementary School

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 Elementary Child Nutrition Program (CNP)
 Manager:  Ms. Jennifer Maddox (205-553-5877)
Ms. Sherry Dockery
Ms. Melissa Hulsey
Ms. Diane Johnson
Ms. Diane Powell
Ms. Monica Sims
Ms. Debbie Simmons
When sending checks to school, please remember to have these two things:
Phone Number
Drivers License Number
     So that you will be able to manage  your child's lunch account easier, the Tuscaloosa County School System now offers a prepayment plan for school meals through PayPAMS. Please enroll in this helpful program and you'll always know when you need to add money to your child's lunch account!
Tuscaloosa County Board of Education Child Nutrition Program Offers a Pre-Payment Plan for School Meals
Tuscaloosa County Board of Education Child Nutrition is pleased to offer the PayPAMS service for parents. This service will allow you to pay for your child's breakfast and lunch from your home or office. Parents or guardians will also be able to view their child's account balance, schedule payments, receive low balance email reminders, and view their child's purchases.

Information regarding this program will be distributed at the school, but the enrollment instructions can also be found at, or by visiting or contacting your local school.