• Mission Statement

    Our mission is to work with the students, parents, and community to create productive, responsible citizens who are self-learners and who are capable of coping with and adapting to the changes and challenges in society.

     Student friendly mission statement: H.O.L.T.  
    H.  elping
    O.  thers 
    L.  ead
    T.  ogether 

    Our Faculty and Staff Believes:

    • All students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
    • Student learning is the chief priority for administrators, faculty, and staff.
    • The School environment should be conducive to the development of students becoming responsible citizens.
    • Teachers, parents, and community should share in the responsibility of the education and welfare of the students.
    • The school atmosphere should be secure, and organized, yet flexible enough to enable the school to best meet the individual needs of the student.
    • The school should provide diversity in instruction and a variety of learning experiences, which incorporate high academic standards.
    • Instruction should be data driven.