The Tuscaloosa County Bord of Education's Mission Statement and Beliefs are:

    Our mission is to educate and empower all students to be college and career ready graduates prepared to make positive contributions to our global society.

    Beliefs -  High expectations are necessary to achieve goals and expand opportunities for all.

    Education is a shared responsibility that positively impacts the quality of life.

    Equity, fairness, accountability, and fiscal responsibility are foundations of our decision-making.

    Safe, well-equipped, student-centered schools support student success.

    Diversity and individual learning needs are respected, included, and valued.


    Northside Middle School Vision Statement:

    Northside Middle School will provide a safe environment that nurtures self-esteem, personal growth, and responsible decision making.

    Mission Statement:

    Northside Middle School will prepare students to become productive citizens in society by providing a full spectrum of learning opportunities that take into account individual needs, culture, thinking skills, and interests.

    Belief Statement:

    Each student at Northside Middle School is entitled to a high quality education and an equal opportunity to learn, develop, and grow.


    Northside Middle School Instructional Goal is reviewed and revised each year.  The current Meaningful Instructional Goal for the

    2015-16  school year follows:


    90% of the Faculty will:

        a) Post Essential Questions or Daily Outcomes

        b) Implement a variety of research-based proven Instructional Strategies and Accelleration Strategies

        c)  Engage students to develop critical thinkers thru strategic based teaching and Problem Based Learning

        d) Develop assessments utilizing a majority of the questions from higher level questions, DOK levels 2 thru 4, utilizing pre-assessments as part of the assessment procedure.


    Northside Middle School's Notable Achievements & Areas of Improvement


                 100% of our certified staff are highly qualified

                 100% of our math and science staff are trained in AMSTI

                 We are making improvements in incorporating technology into our students' education by:

                 All 6th Grade core teachers certified in S.T.E.A.M.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) instruction. 

    -              As part of S.T.E.A.M.,  all 6th grade core teachers will receive an AIR MAC, and the school will receive 1 AIR MAC Cart   

                      for the 2014-15 school year.

                 Adopt-A-School partnership

                 Have adopted the Strategic Teaching methodology as a school-wide objective

                 Our students and teachers have received awards, recognition, and leadership opportunities from various organizations


    -              WVUA Teacher of the Month

    -              Alabama State Teacher of the Year

    -              Jacsonville State Teacher of the Year

    -              Alabama State Teacher of the Year

    -              ABC 33/40

    -              Champions of Character Student Award

    -              Parent-Teacher Leadership Academy

    -              Student Ambassadors


    All 7th grade core subject teachers received training for the STEAM Program during July 2015 to further expand the school's implementation of STEAM strategies.  In addition to the training the school acquired an additional AIR MAC cart with 30 laptops for student use.


    ACT Aspire Growth Data

    Northside Middle School exhibited growth on the ACT Aspire in the following areas:

    All grade levels exceeded the National Ready Percentage with the exception of seventh and eighth grade math. However, math and reading improved in Benchmark from the seventh to eighth grade year, with a two point increase in math and a two point increase in reading. In the gender subgroup, males and females showed gains in reading from their seventh to eighth grade year, with an increase in National Readiness Levels from 42% to 44% for males and an increase from 46% to 60% for females. Eighth grade reading data indicates the most significant gains with increases in Benchmark Levels, National Readiness Levels, and growth in both subgroups, specifically females. These findings are consistent with classroom formative assessment data. The eighth grade English teacher reported student achievement gains throughout the year.

                    Opportunities for growth include reaching benchmark levels in all areas and increasing the National Ready Levels for seventh and eighth grade math. Females showed the largest decrease in National Readiness levels, specifically in reading from the sixth to seventh grade year with a decrease from 55% ready to 31% ready. However, math decreased in National Ready Percentage across grade level and subgroup.

    Our school is vigorously pursuing the STEAM program in grades 6 through 7. We are utilizing our 6th and 7th grade teachers as well as the instructional coaches as mentors for this program.

    Northside Middle School was selected to begin a course titled "Career Cluster Technologies" for the 2015-2016 school year.  Only ten schools in Alabama were selected to participate in this Pilot Program.  The course description describes the following desired student outcome:

    "The course culminates with the understanding and importance of society and the use of technology.

    The course develops an understanding of cultural, social, economic, environmental, historical and political effects of technolog.

    The course leads to satisfactory completion of module(s) that increase the student's technological literacy by meeting ITEA's Standards for Technological Literacy."

    The program grant will provide new equipment and furnishing for the classroom.  This will include 30 desktop computers, a 3D printer, and a laser printer.  3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object   Students will make a virtual design of the object they want to create. This virtual design is made in a CAD (Computer Aided Design).  The laser printer system allows a student to create intricate designs and highly detailed cuts in wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, or many other non-metallic materials.  By attaching a laser printer system to the computer, the system will cut designs students create in a graphic software program


    Northside Middle is striving to improve our academic accomplishments through various efforts.  Included in this effort is the belief that the school needs to provide a positive and affective physical environment for the students in order that the students feel safe, comfortable and have pride for their school.  In conjunction with this belief, the following improvements have been made to our school during the 2014-15 year:

    -  The gym floor was completely refinished by hiring a private contractor to sand the floor to the bare surface and to repaint and finish the floor.  The addition of a new sound system for the gym  has greatly improved our ability to hold instructional and motivational assemblies for our students and parents.

    -  A well-used outside wooden deck and picnic tables were completely rebuilt and finished for our students to use during outside breaks.  The outside break area is used 3 times per week, weather permitting, to allow the students to get together in an informal and relaxed environment.

    -  A video system with a 42" video monitor was added to our lobby area to post information and photos on the screen to keep our students, parents, and school visitors up-to -date with our activities and provide an opportunity for us to post photos of our students engaged in their class activities.



    We have become more aware that creating better communication with our students, parents, and community is an important step in school improvement.  In this regard we have taken several steps to increase the type, quality and number of means of communicating with each of our stakeholders.   Our school uses a mass communication program called "School Messenger" that allows us to create groups of individuals to send phone or written texts at predetermined dates and times.  This allows us to insure that we can let students and parents know about important events or information concerning our students and school.  We utilize this method of communication to reinforce our newsletters and school website.  The school web provides up-to-date information and pictures about school events and activities.   Our school publishes a Year Book that provides a pictorial rememberance of students, athletic events, and school functions.

    Sports play an important role in the overall development of student athletes.  It has been found that student athletes have;  understanding of the importance of being physically fit, improved academic performance, more developed leadership skills, increased social relationships (sense of belonging), time management skills, learn the benefits of being persistent and patient, and learn that practice does increase skill level .  Our school encourages every student to participate in one or more of the following sports/activities offered; football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, archery, and fishing.