Recommended Reading*
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    Humorous Fiction                  Mysteries                 Mythology          Nonfiction                    Novels in Verse          
    Quick Picks                             Paranormal             Realistic              Romance                     Sad Stories                 

    Science Fiction/Dystopian Fiction
                            Sports                 Steampunk                  War                       

    Action/Adventure       Return to Top
    Bodeen, S.A.  The Raft
    Bradford, Chris. Young Samurai: the Way of the Warrior (Bk. 1)

    Carter, Ally. I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls, Bk. 1)

    Craig, Joe. Jimmy Coates…Assassin? (Bk. 1)

    Flanagan, Jonathan. The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger’s Apprentice series, Bk. 1)

    Gilman, David. The Devil’s Breath (Danger Zone, Bk. 1)

    Golding, Julia. The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal Adventure, Bk. 1)

    Gutman, Dan. Getting Air

    Henry, April. Shock Point

    Higgins, Jack. Sure Fire (Bk. 1)

    Higson, Charlie. Silverfin (Young Bond series, Bk. 1)

    Horowitz, Anthony. Stormbreaker (Alex Rider series, Bk. 1)

    Key, Watt. Alabama Moon

    Key, Watt.  Terror at Bottle Creek

    Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob

    Mikaelson, Ben. Touching Spirit Bear

    Moodie, Craig. Seaborn

    Paulsen, Gary. Hatchet

    Smith, Roland. Zach’s Lie

    Sorrells, Walter. The Silent Room

    Fairy Tales            Return to Top
    Buckley, Michael. The Fairy-Tale Detectives (Sisters Grimm series, Bk. 1)

    Dokey, Cameron. Beauty Sleep (Once Upon a Time series – many different authors in series)

    Dokey, Cameron. Golden.

    Dokey, Cameron. The Storyteller’s Daughter

    George, Jessica Day. Princess of the Midnight Ball

    George, Jessica Day. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

    Jones, Frewin. The Faerie Path (Bk. 1)

    Leavitt, Martine. Keturah and Lord Death

    Levine, Gail Carson. Ella Enchanted

    Levine, Gail Carson. Ever

    Livingston, Lesley. Wondrous Strange (Bk. 1)

    Marillier, Juliet. Wildwood Dancing (and sequel, Cybele’s Secret)

    Meyer, Marissa.  Cinder
    Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Princess Ben
    Pattou, Edith. East

    Fantasy            Return to Top

    Barry, Dave and Ridley Pearson. Peter and the Starcatchers (Bk. 1)

    Bray, Libba. A Great and Terrible Beauty (Bk. 1)

    Billingsley, Franny.  Chime

    Carey, Janet Lee. Dragon’s Keep

    Childs, Tera Lynn.  Sweet Venom (Bk. 1)

    Chima, Cinda Williams. The Warrior Heir (Bk. 1)

    Chima, Cinda Williams.  The Demon King (Seven Realms, Bk. 1)

    Coburn, Ann. Glint.

    Constable, Kate. The Singer of All Songs (Chanters of Tremaris trilogy, Bk. 1)

    DiMari, Silvana. The Last Dragon

    Dixon, Heather.  Entwined

    Landy, Derek. Skulduggery Pleasant (Bk. 1)

    Law, Ingrid.  Savvy

    Meyer, Marissa.  Cinder

    Mull, Brandon. Fablehaven (Bk. 1)

    Nielsen, Jennifer A.  The False Prince

    Nix, Garth. Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom series, Bk. 1)

    Oppel, Kenneth. Airborn (Bk. 1)

    Paolini, Christopher. Eragon (Alageisia trilogy, Bk. 1)

    Paver, Michelle. Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, Bk. 1)

    Pierce, Tamora. First Test (Protector of the Small, Bk. 1)

    Pratchett, Terry. The Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching (Discworld) series, Bk. 1)

    Riordan, Rick. The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, Bk. 1)

    Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter series

    Scott, Michael. The Alchemyst (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Bk. 1)

    Skye, Obert. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Bk. 1)

    Stroud, Jonathan. The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus trilogy, Bk. 1)

    Stroud, Jonathan. Heroes of the Valley

    Zevin, Gabrielle. Elsewhere


    Historical Fiction           Return to Top

    Anderson, Laurie Halse. Chains

    Avi. Crispin: the Cross of Lead

    Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. The Boy Who Dared

    Boyne, John. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    Bruchac, Joseph. The Winter People

    Compestine, Ying Chang. Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party

    Curtis, Christopher Paul.  The Watsons Go to Birmingham
    Curtis, Christopher Paul.  Bud, Not Buddy
    Curtis, Christopher Paul.  The Mighty Miss Malone
    Dowswell, Paul. The Powder Monkey (Bk. 1)
    Ellis, Deborah. The Breadwinner (Bk. 1)

    Forrester, Sandra. Leo and the Lesser Lion

    Henderson, Aileen Kilgore. Hard Times for Jake Smith

    Kadohata, Cynthia. Weedflower

    Lasky, Kathryn. Ashes

    Lester, Julius. Day of Tears: A Novel in Dialogue

    Lisle, Janet Taylor. Black Duck

    Lowry, Lois. Number the Stars

    McCaughrean, Geraldine. The Kite Rider

    McMullan, Margaret.  Sources of Light
    Park, Linda Sue. A Single Shard
    Ryan, Pamela Munoz. Esperanza Rising

    Sharenow, Rob.  The Berlin Boxing Club

    Smith, Sherri L. Flygirl

    Spradlin, Michael. Keeper of the Grail (Youngest Templar, Bk. 1)

    Wolf, Allan. New Found Land

    Yolen, Jane. The Devil’s Arithmetic


    Horror/Scary/Creepy            Return to Top

    Alender, Katie.  Bad Girls Don't Die
    Armstrong, Kelley. The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Bk. 1)

    Becker, Tom. Darkside (Bk. 1)

    Delaney, Joseph. The Revenge of the Witch (Last Apprentice series, Bk. 1)
    Gaiman, Neal. The Graveyard Book

    Grabenstein, Chris. The Crossroads (Bk. 1)

    Grant, Michael. Gone (Gone series, Bk. 1)

    Horowitz, Anthony. Groosham Grange (Bk. 1)

    Horowitz, Anthony. Horowitz Horror

    Horowitz, Anthony. Raven’s Gate (Gatekeepers, Bk. 1)

    Klavan, Andrew. The Last Thing I Remember (Homelanders, Bk. 1)

    Machale, D.J. The Light (Morpheus Road, Bk. 1)

    Nayeri, Daniel and Dina Nayeri. Another Faust

    Plummer, Louise. Finding Daddy

    Poblocki, Dan.  The Ghost of Graylock

    Poblocki, Dan.  The Nightmarys

    Richardson, E.E. The Intruders

    Richardson, E.E. The Devil’s Footsteps

    Shan, Darren. Cirque du Freak (Bk. 1)

    Shusterman, Neal. Everlost (Bk. 1)

    Shusterman, Neal. Unwind

    Vande Velde, Vivian. All Hallows’ Eve

    Wooding, Chris. Malice (Bk. 1)

    Wooding, Chris. Poison


    Humorous Fiction              Return to Top

    Angleberger, Tom.  The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Bk. 1)
    Bodett, Tom. Norman Tuttle on the Last Frontier: a Novel in Stories

    Curtis, Christopher Paul. Elijah of Buxton

    Gantos, Jack.  Dead End in Norvelt

    Gephart, Donna. How to Survive Middle School

    Ignatow, Amy.  The Popularity Papers:  Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lyda Goldblatt & Julie Graham-Chang (Bk. 1)

    Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley’s Journal (Wimpy Kid, Bk. 1)
    Korman, Gordon. The Juvie Three

    Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob

    Korman, Gordon.  Ungifted

    Kowitt, H.N.  The Loser List (Bk. 1)

    Lubar, David. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

    Mass, Wendy.  Finally

    Paulsen, Gary. Amazing Life of Birds: the Twenty-Day Puberty Journal of Duane Homer Leech

    Paulsen, Gary. Harris and Me

    Paulsen, Gary. How Angel Peterson Got His Name

    Paulsen, Gary. Mudshark

    Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate: In a Class By Himself (Bk. 1)

    Petty, J.T. Clemency Pogue: Fairy Killer (Bk. 1)

    Sonnenblick, Jordan. Notes from the Midnight Driver

    Sonnenblick, Jordan. Zen and the Art of Faking It

    Urban, Linda. A Crooked Kind of Perfect

    Vernon, Ursula.  Dragonbreath (Bk. 1)

    Mystery Fiction              Return to Top

    Abrahams, Peter. Down the Rabbit Hole: an Echo Falls Mystery (Bk. 1)

    Adam, Paul.  Max Cassidy:  Escape from Shadow Island

    Allison, Jennifer.  Gilda Joyce:  Psychic Investigator (Bk. 1)

    Berk, Josh.  The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin

    Broach, Elise. Shakespeare’s Secret

    Cabot, Meg. Shadowland (Mediator series, Bk. 1)

    Carter, Ally. Heist Society (Bk. 1)

    Christie, Agatha. And Then There Were None

    Deuker, Carl.  Payback Time
    Dowd, Siobhan. The London Eye Mystery
    Dowell, Frances O’Rourke. Dovey Coe

    Duncan, Lois.  Ranom

    Feinstein, John. Last Shot: a Final Four Mystery (Bk. 1)

    Grisham, John.  Theodore Boone:  Kid Lawyer (Bk 1.)

    Hiaasen, Carl. Flush

    Hiaasen, Carl. Hoot

    Hiaasen, Carl. Scat

    Hiaasen, Car.  Chomp

    Karbo, Karen. Minerva Clark Gets a Clue (Bk. 1)

    Rabb, M.E. The Rose Queen (Missing Persons series, Bk. 1)

    Roberts, Willo Davis. The View from the Cherry Tree

    Turnage, Sheila.  Three Times Lucky


    Mythology                Return to Top

    Childs, Tera Lynn. Oh.My.Gods (Bk. 1)

    Childs, Tera Lynn. Forgive My Fins (Bk. 1)

    Cooney, Caroline. B. Goddess of Yesterday

    Deary, Terry. The Fire Thief (Bk. 1)

    Druitt, Tobias. Corydon and the Island of Monsters (Bk. 1)

    Farmer, Nancy. The Sea of Trolls (Bk. 1)

    Friesner, Esther. Nobody’s Princess

    Friesner, Esther. Temping Fate

    Halam, Ann. Snakehead

    Harris, Joanne. Runemarks

    LaFevers, R.L. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos (Bk. 1)

    Riordan,Rick. The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Bk. 1)

    Riordan, Rick. Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, Bk. 1)

    Riordan, Rick. The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo, Bk. 1)

    Scott, Michael. The Alchemyst (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Bk. 1)

    Ursu, Anne. The Shadow Thieves (Cronus Chronicles, Bk. 1)


    Nonfiction                                         Return to top

    Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  Terrible Typhoid Mary:  the True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America

    Bragg, Georgia.  How They Croaked:  the Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous

    Fleischman, John.  Phineas Gage: a Gruesome But True Story about Brain Science

    Marrin, Albert.  Black Gold:  the Story of Oil in Our Lives

    Montgomery, Sy.  Temple Grandin:  How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World

    Moore, Wes.  Discovering Wes Moore

    Pollan, Michael (adapted by Richie Chevat).  The Omnivore's Dilemma:  the Secrets Behind What You Eat

    Raczka, Bob.  The Vermeer Interviews:  Conversations with Seven Works of Art

    Schlosser, Eric and Charles Wilson.  Chew on This:  Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food

    Schwartz, John.  Short:  Walking Tall When You're Not at All

    Sheinkin, Steve.  Bomb:  the Race to Build and Steal the World's Most Dangerous Weapon

    Singh, Simon.  The Code Book:  How To Make It, Break It, Hack It, Crack It

    Swanson, James L.  Chasing King's Killer: the Hunt for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassin

    Swanson, James L.  Chasing Lincoln's Killer

    Swanson, James L.  "The President Has Been Shot!": the Assassination of John F. Kennedy 

    Takaki, Ronald (adapted by Rebecca Stefoff).  A Different Mirror for Young People:  a Young People's History of Multicultural America

    Tunnell, Michael O.  Candy Bomber:  the Story of the Berlin Airlift's "Chocolate Pilot"

    Novels in Verse                  Return to Top

    Adoff, Jaime. Jimi & Me

    Bingham, Kelly. Shark Girl

    Brown, Susan Taylor. Hugging the Rock

    Bryant, Jennifer. Pieces of Georgia

    Bryant, Jennifer. The Trial

    Burg, Ann E.  All the Broken Pieces

    Creech, Sharon.  Heartbeat

    Creech, Sharon. Love That Dog (and sequel, Hate That Cat)

    Frost, Helen.  Crossing Stones

    Frost, Helen.  Hidden

    Grimes, Nikki.  Planet Middle School

    Hesse, Karen. Out of the Dust

    Hilton, Marilyn.  Full Cicada Moon

    Koertge, Ron. Shakespeare Bats Cleanup

    Reynolds, Jason.  Long Way Down

    Roy, Jennifer. Yellow Star

    Sandell, Lisa Ann. Song of the Sparrow

    Wolff, Virginia Euwer. Make Lemonade
    Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn.  42 Miles
    Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn.  Reaching for Sun


    Paranormal Fiction               Return to Top

    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. In the Forest of the Night

    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Demon in My View

    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Shattered Mirror

    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Midnight Predator

    Brewer, Heather. Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Bk. 1)

    Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl.  Beautiful Creatures (Bk. 1)

    Jinks, Catherine. The Reformed Vampire Support Group

    Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight (Twilight series, Bk. 1)

    Pauley, Kimberly. Sucks To Be Me (Bk. 1)

    Perez, Marlene. Dead Is the New Black (1st Bk. in series)

    Rook, Sebastian. London, 1850 (Vampire Plagues series, Bk. 1)

    Sedgwick, Marcus. My Swordhand Is Singing

    Shan, Darren. Cirque du Freak (Bk. 1)

    Somper, Justin. Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates, Bk. 1)

    White, Kiersten.  Paranormalcy (Bk. 1)

    Quick Picks                   Return to Top

    Albom, Mitch. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
    Albom, Mitch. For One More Day

    Bodeen, S.A.  The Compound

    Carey, Janet Lynn. Wenny Has Wings

    Coman, Carolyn. What Jamie Saw

    Creech, Sharon. Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

    DeFelice, Cynthia. Weasel

    Dorris, Michael. Sees Behind Trees

    Greenwald, Tom.  Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading (Bk. 1)
    Grimes, Nikki. Jazmin’s Notebook

    Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey

    Harrison, Lisi. The Clique (Clique series, Bk. 1)

    Henry, April.  Girl, Stolen
    Henry, April. Shock Point

    Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders

    Kelly, Katy. Lucy Rose: Here’s the Thing About Me (Bk. 1)

    Key, Wyatt. Alabama Moon

    Key, Watt.  Fourmile

    Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Bk. 1)

    Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob

    Kuipers, Alice. Life on the Refrigerator Door

    Mazer, Harry. A Boy at War: a Novel of Pearl Harbor (Bk. 1)

    Meade, Alice. Junebug

    Neri, G. Chess Rumble

    Parks, Barbara. Skinnybones

    Paulsen, Gary. The Schernoff Discoveries

    Paulsen, Gary. How Angel Peterson Got His Name

    Peters, Julie Ann. Define “Normal”

    Plummer, Louise. Finding Daddy

    Shaw, Susan. The Boy from the Basement

    Sorrells, Walter. The Silent Room

    Vernon, Ursula. Dragonbreath (Bk. 1)

    Weeks, Sarah. Regular Guy


    Realistic Fiction               Return to Top

    Amato, Mary.  Invisible Lines
    Bluford High series (titles by Anne Schraff or Paul Langan)

    Cooner, Donna D.  Skinny 

    Cummings, Priscilla. Red Kayak

    Dionne, Erin. The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet

    Draper, Sharon M. Out of My Mind

    Flake, Sharon. The Skin I’m In

    Friend, Natasha. Lush

    Friend, Natasha. Perfect

    Friend, Natash. Bounce

    Headley, Justina Chen.  North of Beautiful

    Henkes, Kevin. Olive’s Ocean

    Henry, April. Shock Point

    Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders

    Hobbs, Valerie. Tender

    Key, Watt. Alabama Moon

    Lubar, David. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

    McCormick, Patricia. My Brother’s Keeper

    Moses, Shelia. Joseph

    Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Dairy Queen  (Bk. 1)

    Palacio, R.J.  Wonder

    Peters, Julie Ann. Define “Normal”

    Rue, Ginger. Brand New Emily

    Sandell, Lisa Ann. A Map of the Known World

    Schumacher, Julie. Black Box

    Shreve, Susan. Blister

    Sloan, Holly Goldberg. Counting by 7s

    Smelcer, John. The Trap

    Sorrell, Walter. The Silent Room

    Van Draanen, Wendelin. Runaway

    Van Draanen, Wendelin.  The Running Dream


    Romance                Return to Top

    Abbott, Hailey. The Bridesmaid

    Bauer, Joan. Thwonk

    Birdsall, Olivia. Notes on a Near-Life Experience

    Brande, Robin. Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature

    Brande, Robin. Fat Cat

    Brashares, Ann. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood series, Bk. 1)

    Cabot, Meg. Avalon High

    Calonita, Jen. Secrets of My Hollywood Life (Bk. 1)

    Dessen, Sarah.  What Happened to Goodbye

    Dokey, Cameron. How Not to Spend Your Senior Year

    Freitas, Donna. The Possibilities of Sainthood

    Guarente, G.P.   Hook, Line & Sinker

    Harper, Suzanne. The Juliet Club

    Harper, Suzanne. The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney

    Kantor, Melissa. If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince?

    Kosolov, Jacqueline. A Sweet Disorder

    Leavitt, Lindsey.  Sean Griswold's Head

    Maclean, Sarah. The Season

    Mackey, Weezie Kerr. Throwing Like a Girl

    Marillier, Juliet. Cybele’s Secret

    Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight (Bk. 1)

    Mosher, Richard. Zazoo

    Paratore, Coleen Murtagh. The Wedding Planner’s Daughter (Bk. 1)

    Parker, Jade. To Catch a Pirate

    Perez, Marlene. Dead Is the New Black  (Bk. 1)

    Romano, Christy Carlson. Grace’s Turn

    Shulman, Polly. Enthusiasm

    Smith, Jennifer E.  The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

    Sonnenblick, Jordan.  Curveball:  the Year I Lost My Grip

    Sparks, Nicholas. A Walk to Remember


    Sad Stories/Tear-Jerkers            Return to Top

    Blume, Judy. Tiger Eyes

    Carey, Janet Lee. Wenny Has Wings

    Couloumbis, Audrey. Getting Near to Baby

    Creech, Sharon. Walk Two Moons

    DiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

    Hunt, Lynda Mullaly.  One for the Murphys

    Kuipers, Alice.  Life on the Refrigerator Door

    Knowles, Johanna.  See You at Harry's

    LaFleur, Suzanne M.  Love, Aubrey

    Lowry, Lois. A Summer to Die

    McDaniel, Lurlene. (anything by Lurlene McDaniel)

    Nichols, Sally. Ways to Live Forever

    Park, Barbara. Micke Harte Was Here

    Paterson, Katherine. Bridge to Terabithia

    Schafer, Audrey. The Mailbox

    Sonnenblick, Jordan. After Ever After

    Sonnenblick, Jordan. Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie


    Science Fiction/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic              Return to Top

    Bacigalupi, Paolo.  Ship Breaker
    Beck, Ian. Pastworld

    Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451

    Clayton, Emma. The Roar (Bk. 1)

    Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games (Bk. 1)

    Condie, Allyson.  Matched (Bk. 1)

    Dashner, James. The Maze Runner (Bk. 1)

    DuPrau, Jeanne. The City of Ember (Bk. 1)

    Farmer, Nancy. The House of the Scorpion

    Goodman, Allegra. The Other Side of the Island

    Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Hidden (Bk. 1)

    Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Double Identity

    Halam, Ann. Dr. Franklin’s Island

    Hirsch, Jeff. The Eleventh Plague

    Lowery, Lois. The Giver (and companion books Gathering Blue, The Messenger, and Son)

    Lu, Marie.  Legend (Bk. 1)

    Patterson, James. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Bk. 1)

    Patterson, James. Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment (Bk. 1)

    Pfeffer, Susan Beth. Life as We Knew It

    Pfeffer, Susan Beth. The Dead and the Gone

    Philbrick, Rodman. The Last Book in the Universe

    Reeve, Philip. Mortal Engines (Bk. 1)

    Stahler, David. Truesight (Bk. 1)

    Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies (Bk.1)

    Weyn, Suzanne. The Bar Code Tattoo  (Bk. 1)


    Sports Fiction                Return to Top

    Corbett, Sue.   Free Baseball

    Green, Tim. Baseball Great

    Green, Tim. Football Genius (Bk. 1)

    Gratz, Alan. The Brooklyn Nine: a Novel in Nine Innings

    Koertge, Ron. Shakespeare Bats Cleanup

    Lupica, Mike. The Big Field

    Lupica, Mike. Heat

    Lupica, Mike. Million Dollar Throw

    Lupica, Mike. Miracle on 49th Street

    Lupica, Mike. Travel Team

    Mackel, Kathryn.  Boost
    Mackey, Weezie Kerr. Throwing Like a Girl

    Myers, Walter Dean.  Slam!

    Rallison, Jannette. Playing the Field

    Ritter, John H. Choosing Up Sides

    Weaver, Will. Striking Out (Billy Baggs series, Bk. 1)


    Steampunk (and related)                Return to Top

    Beddor, Frank. The Looking Glass Wars  (Bk. 1)

    Cameron, Sharon.  The Dark Unwinding

    Colfer, Eoin. Airman

    Harland, Richard. Worldshaker

    Oppel, Kenneth. Airborn (Bk. 1)

    Pullman, Philip. The Golden Compass (Bk. 1)

    Reeve, Philip. Larklight (Bk. 1)

    Slade, Arthur. Hunchback Assignments

    Stroud, Jonathan. The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus trilogy, Bk. 1)

    Westerfeld, Scott. Leviathan  (Bk. 1)

    War Fiction               Return to Top

    Avi. Iron Thunder: the Battle between the Monitor & the Merrimac: a Civil War novel

    Bruchac, Joseph. Code Talker: a Novel about the Navajo Marines of World War II

    Bruchac, Joseph. The Winter People

    Elliott, L.M. Under a War-Torn Sky (Bk. 1)

    Hughes, Dean. Missing in Action

    Hughes, Dean. Search and Destroy

    Hughes, Dean. Soldier Boys

    Kadohata, Cynthia. Cracker: the Best Dog in Vietnam

    Kadohata, Cynthia. A Million Shades of Gray

    Lasky, Kathryn. Ashes

    Lawrence, Iain. B for Buster

    Mazer, Harry. A Boy at War (Bk. 1)

    Morpurgo, Michael. Private Peaceful

    Myers, Walter Dean. The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: a World War II Soldier

    Myers, Walter Dean. Sunrise Over Fallujah

    Remarque, Erich Maria. All Quiet on the Western Front

    Salisbury, Graham. Under the Blood-Red Sun (Bk. 1)

    Wells, Rosemary. Red Moon at Sharpsburg

    White, Ellen Emerson. The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps
    *These titles represent a variety of reading levels and interest levels.  Check the library catalog (accessed via the Library homepage) to ascertain book level and interest level (Lower, Middle and Upper Grade levels).  Simply type in the title/author/keyword to find the book and click on the title to find a summary as well as the AR book level and the interest level.