The Hillcrest Ambassadors are the official hosts and hostesses of the school and represent the faculty, student body, and community. Being selected as a Hillcrest Ambassador is one of the highest honors attained at Hillcrest High. Traditionally, this group of juniors and seniors are selected and awarded many of the other top honors at the school. By passing the grueling selection process, each young person is expected to promote a high standard of character and demonstrate effective leadership skills.


      Sabrina Sheffield

    Ambassadors  2017-18



    1. Elle Allen

    2. Alaina Ashcraft

    3. Emily Beach

    4. Abbey Blocker

    5. Kara Crawford

    6. Loren Dooley

    7.  Burton Drawhorn

    8. Kenna Eldridge

    9. Lane Frye

    10. Madison Gray

    11. Jacob Hinton

    12. Nia Hodges

    13. Hannah Kate Junkin

    14. Colton Lunceford

    15. Claudia Mitchell

    16. Maci Morrow

    17. Katherine Phillips

    18. Abbey Ray

    19. Reagan Ray

    20. Ciearria Samuel

    21. Lizzie Shaw

    22. Grace Singley

    23. Vannah Smalley

    24. Sarah Taylor

    25. Carmen Tidwell

    26. Alex Turner

    27. Katie Watkins

    28. Bryant Wilkerson


    Mandatory Meeting April 24 during 6th period in the library!