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    • Jacksonville State University, BS in Special Education Hearing Impaired
    My name is Kathy Buchanan and I have two children and six beautiful grandchildren. 

    I have been a Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing for the past 26 years.  I have worked in a variety of settings and with children of all disabilities.  I transferred to Tuscaloosa County in 2008 and began working for the first time in my career with a total focus on students who were Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  Being an itinerant teacher has been a challenge but has been very rewarding. 

    I work one on one with children of various levels of hearing loss.  I check, troubleshoot, and make repairs and adjustments to their equipment. I communicate with the students either orally or by using Sign Language, depending on their ability and need.   I  perform listening checks, pre-teach, re-teach and review needed skills in the classroom during each work session.  I teach my students to advocate for themselves concerning their needs in education.  

    I communicate with general educators about the specific educational implications of hearing loss, environmental needs, access to technology, and challenges associated with hearing loss, in order to teach them how to adapt and be supportive.

    I promote awareness of the special needs of students with hearing loss by conducting workshops for other educators, providing handouts to general education teachers, and by having various power point presentations available through the intranet for educators and parents to view.