• Teacher Expectations
    You can expect that I will provide you with the best instruction I am capable of giving.  I will help you build upon skills you already have and I'll do whatever I can to help you develop the new skills you'll need to be successful in my class. 
    If I give you my best effort as a teacher, I expect you to give me your best effort as a student -- every day, for the entire class period.
    I also expect for all of us to treat each other with respect, courtesy, kindness, fairness, honesty, and understanding.
    Class Rules*
    The following rules will govern our behavior during class.  It should go without saying that we will also abide by TCSS policies and guidelines
    Listen with the intent to understand.
    This rule makes our class work!  Your job is to understand the language you are being exposed to during class.  If you do this, you WILL be successful.
    One person speaks and the others listen.
    Because the #1 rule is to listen and understand, we have to take turns talking.  This means that if someone is speaking in class, all eyes and ears are on him/her. There should be NO side conversations, NO interruptions, and NO blurting things out, especially in English!
    Support the flow of conversation.
    You must do your part to add to the conversation.  This means limiting your use of English as much as possible.  There ARE appropriate times for you to use English in class, but if you know how to say something in Spanish, you are expected to do so.  If you must speak in English, you should ask permission first.  (I will teach you how!)  Speaking out loud is NOT the only way to support the conversation, though.  This can also happen by you doing things like nodding your head, giving a thumbs-up when asked, focusing intently on the messages being communicated, and reacting appropriately to the things you hear said in class.  
    Do your 50%.
    I can give you input all day long, but if you don't show up and turn your brain on, it will do neither of us very much good!  YOU are responsible for the level of your own understanding.  You must be diligent in your effort to focus and pay attention.  You must be aware of how well you are following our classroom conversation and ask for help immediately if you get lost.  I will give you a hand signal to use to get back on track.  You must use it so that you don't waste time not understanding.  
    Sit up straight, with shoulders square, eyes focused and clear.
    Our body position can have a huge impact on our mental state.  It also clearly sends messages to those around us.  Slouching over and zoning out not only does damage to your learning, it also sends a message of disrespect.  Beyond that, there is little chance that you will stay focused, be supportive of the flow of conversation, and do your 50% if you do not follow this rule.  I will be looking at your eyes during class to see if you're "with me".  If you do not follow this rule, I cannot see your eyes, and I will infer that you are also NOT following rules listed above.
    Artists and actors should synchronize their actions with my words.
    This will not happen immediately during Spanish 1.  However, when we get there, if you agree to be an artist during the creation of our class characters or an actor in the dramatization of our class stories, I need you to do only what I ask of you so that the activity will be successful for all of our class members.
    No materials should be out unless told otherwise.
    In order to stay super focused and to follow these rules, you should remove every distraction possible.  This may not always be comfortable for you, but I promise that if you follow the rules, you WILL be successful -- probably even more so than you can imagine at the beginning!  
    * A BIG thank you goes to Tina Hargadan and Ben Slavic for their guidance in formulating these class norms!