• Brookwood High School
    Guidance & Counseling Department
    Cathy Rutledge 9th/10th Grade Counselor 342-2777 ext. 3311 (crutledge@tcss.net)
    Kim Barnett 11th/12th Grade Counselor  342-2777 ext. 3312 (kpbarnett@tcss.net)
    Guidance Curriculum 2019-2020
       New Student Registration & Scheduling
    Counselor Introduction
    Transcript Evaluations
    Senior Portfolios
    Sophomore & Junior Transcript Review
    Healthy Relationships
    Social Media Etiquette
    PSAT Assessment (10th or 11th Grade)
    Work Keys Assessment (12th Grade)
    Pre-ACT (10th Grade)
    Healthy Choices
    Drug Awareness
    Civics Exam (12th Grade)
    Scholarship Processing
    College Application Week
    Financial Aid Planning
    Service Projects
    Community Involvement
    The Great Kindness Challenge
    Healthy Relationships
    Beyond Brookwood Week
    Career Exploration
    Four Year Plans
    Test Preparation
    Course Selection Cards
    BMS Transition
    ACT with Writing (11th grade)
    ASVAB Assessments
    Awards Program
    AP Exams
    Summer School Registration
    How is a Student Referred to the School Counselor?
    Students may be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers, administrators, or peers; or they may self-refer.
    Students may stop by the counseling offices between classes and complete referral/request forms.  Students may leave the form with the counselor or slide it under the office door if the counselor is unavailable.
    Emergency Referral Process
    A teacher or principal may send the student directly to the counseling office with a completed referral from briefly defining the emergency.  In the event the counselors are unavailable, the student should report to the main office so the concern may be addressed immediately.
    Should an extreme circumstance or emergency occur between classes, a student may report directly to the counseling office or the main office.