• Without help from the following people and businesses our program would not have been a success.  Thanks to you all for all you have done and continue to do for our students!
    Mrs. Terry & Mr. Stapp
    Dr. Frank Costanzo
    Mr. Dan Butler
    Dr. Walter Davie
    Dr. Steve Benson 
    Danny Higdon
    Mr. Dennis Duncan - TCSS CTE Director
    Atlas Welding Supply Company
    -Bill Visintainer
    -Gary Meggs 
    -Bud Koster
    -Kyle Robertson
    Tim Sullivan - Sullivan Contracting
    Jake Case - Southeast Fabrication, Inc.
    Buffalo Rock - Joe Calvin
    Tracy Orr
    Dale Acker - TCT Welding Instructor 
    Tuscaloosa Center for Technology
    Shelton State Community College
    -Kenneth Blackwell
    -Dustin McDow
    -Steve Fair
    -Adam Quilliams
    Randy Kelly - Local 372 United Apprenticeship Training Center
    McAbee Construction
    -Kevin Shipp 
    Tuscaloosa County Maint. Department
    Randy Burgess
    Dr. Barbara Spencer 
    Nucor Steel
    -Bobby Noland 
    -Tom Sullivan
    -Rick Edwards
    -Amanda Pate
    -Flavio Garbanzo
    -Mike Harding
    Tuscaloosa County Juvenile Detention Center
    -John Faile
    -Cathy Wood 
    Jan Hudson
    Jeff Crocker 
    Cain Steel 
    Bob Kimbrell
    Ray Glenn
    Joe Boetler  
    The Lincoln Electric Company
    -Ron Martucci
     -Troy Gerkin
    Roy Ledford - Welding Instructor - Lawson State University, Bessemer, AL
    Arny Romain Masonry
    Wilcutt Block
    Northport City Councilman - Bart Harper
    TCHS CTE Teachers
    SVHS CTE Teachers
    Holt High CTE Teachers
    All Echols Teachers and Staff who have tirelessly continued to support our program