Syllabus for Algebra B

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    Course Description:

    Algebra I is the study of the structure of the real number system with specific attention to algebraic properties and operations, problem solving, and higher-order thinking skills.  Topics of study include variables, expressions, linear and non-linear equations, functions, inequalities, ratio, proportion, factoring polynomials, graphing on the number line and in the coordinate plane, properties of slope, and operations involving exponents.  This course fulfills the graduation requirement of one unit of Algebra.

    *Completion of Algebra A and Algebra B fulfills the graduation requirement of Algebra 1 and provides two math credits.

    Course Prerequisites:

    For students taking Algebra 1 in high school – Student must have successfully completed Math 8 or Pre-Algebra. 

    Math Supplies:

    ·       A 2” three-ring notebook filled with loose-leaf paper (No spiral notebooks)

    ·       Graph Paper

    ·       Several pencils and pens

    ·       A scientific or graphing calculator

    ·       Please consider donating one or more of the following: Copy paper, expo markers, Kleenex, or Paper Towels

    Attendance and Make-Up Policy (See page 41 of Student/Parent Handbook):

    ·       All Tuscaloosa County Board policies, individual school policies, and classroom rules will be followed.

    ·       Students with unexcused absences may be allowed to makeup work at 65% credit for up to 3 unexcused absences at the discretion of the teacher.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he/she missed.  

    ·       Students with excused absences shall have 2 days for each day to complete and return make up work.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he/she missed.


    Grading Policy:

    • Tests 40%
    • Quizzes 25%
    • Assignments 25%
    • Nine Week Comprehensive Exam 10%



    Final Comprehensive Exam Exemption Criteria (See page 19 of the Student/Parent Handbook):


    In order to be exempt from a final exam, a student must

    ·       Possess an A (90-100) average with 6 or fewer absences,

    ·       Possess a B (80-89) average with 4 or fewer absences,


    ·       Possess a C (70-79) average with 2 or fewer absences,


    AND Have no discipline referrals that result in detention or suspension during the term


    *The final comprehensive exam is 20% of the course average.  Adding the four nine week averages and the course final exam and dividing by five will determine final Course Average.


    Testing Policy:

    ·     Being absent one day before a test does not excuse you from taking that test along with the rest of the class.

    ·     Calculators may not be shared.

    ·     If you are only absent the day of a test, you will be expected to make up that test on the day you return to class.

    ·     Work must be shown in order to receive credit.


    Personal Electronic Devices:

    Technology can be a valuable educational resource.  Students are allowed to use electronic and technological devices at specified times and only when authorized by the teacher for instructional purposes.  If a student is using a device inappropriately, consequences will be enforced as stated in the code of conduct handbook.


    Essential Functions:

    To be successful in this class, students must be able to perform the following (at the 9th grade level or higher).

    ·       Read and comprehend the text and supplemental material

    ·       Communicate in writing and orally using standard grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph structure

    ·       Participate in class discussions and activities

    ·       Take accurate and useful class notes including example problems

    ·       Work effectively and productively in groups and teams

    ·       Keep a notebook of all grades, notes, class work, homework, and graded papers

    ·       Use and apply arithmetic skills presented in grades K-8 and/or previous math courses


    Class Rules:

    1.     Show respect for all classmates and teacher

    2.     Be in your correct seat when the bell rings

    3.     Bring all necessary materials to class everyday

    4.     Do NOT bring food, drink, candy, or gum into the classroom for any reason

    5.     We only have 45  minutes of instructional time.  You have at least 8 opportunities during the day to use the restroom, therefore, NO passes to restroom, locker, phone, or office

    6.     Follow all instructions given to you by the teacher

    7.     Complete assignments ON TIME and do your best at all times