• 2021 Battle of the Books List 


    Braden, Ann.  The Benefits of Being an Octopus 

    Korman, Gordon.  The Unteachables 

    Lu, Marie.  Legend (A Legend Novel, Bk. 1) 

    Palacio, R.J. White Bird: a Wonder Story 

    Ponti, James.  City Spies 

    Stroud, Jonathan.  The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., Bk. 1) 

    Warga, Jasmine.  Other Words for Home 

    Yang, Kelly.  Front Desk 

     Battle of the Books  Participation Guidelines

    1.  Students must read all eight of the books on the list.

    2.  Students must regularly attend the morning meetings in the fall and early spring when the team will meet each week for practice. 
    3.  Students are responsible for creating a list of at least 20 questions taken from each book.
    4.  Students must return books in a timely manner so that all participants have an opportunity to check out the books from the library.
    5.  Participants are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and exemplary behavior during all meetings and at the competition.
    6.  The competition team will be determined by a written test.