General Information

    • Each student must have a separate pass to come to the library during class.
    • Food or drink is not allowed in the library.
    • Students should be quiet and respectful of all individuals and library property. Work areas should be left neat and clean.
    • All materials used should be re-shelved or returned to the circulation desk.
    • Printing is available for all students and teachers. The cost is 15 cents per page.
    • Damaging or unauthorized use of computers, computer systems, or computer networks will result in disciplinary action. Do not change settings, add passwords, or screensavers to the computers.


    • Students do not need a library card to check out a book.
    • Students are responsible for all materials checked out on their student ID number. Students should not check out for other students.
    • Books are circulated for two weeks. Three books total per student is the limit. Reference books can only be checked out overnight.

    Fines and Lost Materials

    • A fine of 10 cents per day is charged to a maximum of $12.50 per book.
    • Students will be charged $25.00 for each lost or damaged book.
    • Students will be charged the replacement cost for a lost paperback book. The minimum cost for the book is $7.50 and is nonrefundable.
    • The cost of a lost reference book will be determined by the replacement cost of the book.
    • Students with outstanding fines and/or overdue books will not be allowed to check out any additional books.
    • Overdue notices are printed as a reminder and placed in the advisor's box. If you think an error has occurred, please see a librarian immediately.

    Newspapers and Periodicals

    • Newspapers and periodicals are in room use only and are not circulated.
    • Materials need to be returned to the circulation desk by the end of the class period.
    • Discarded magazines and newspapers from which articles may be cut are available in the periodical room. Please leave the work area neat.
    • Back issues of periodicals are kept for five years