• Forms and Documents

    All TCSS employee forms are available on the TCSS Employee Intranet under "Forms" and "Personnel."

    Employee Handbook

    Retirement Applications

    For assistance or more information on completing your retirement application, contact Human Resources at 342-2719 to schedule an appointment. It is the employee's responsibility to contact the Alabama Teachers' Retirement System for exact account information and to meet deadlines for filing retirement paperwork. All employees should register in TRS's online member services or at https://mso.rsa-al.gov. We cannot provide financial planning advice, but will help guide you through this important process. Your age - particularly if you are Medicare-eligible or soon to be eligible - your current health insurance and supplemental options, your designated beneficiary(s), years of service, and other individualized considerations are factors that must be considered. RSA and PEEHIP representatives are very responsive to telephone calls and can be reached toll-free at 1-877-517-0020.

    Tier 1 Retirement and Disability Retirement Forms

    Packets may be printed from this link or hard copies are available in the Personnel Office. Packets must be returned to Personnel for completion by our Finance/Accounting department. We will complete the packet and return it to you for submission to RSA. Retirement packets must be received in Montgomery no later than 30 days prior to the date of retirement, so all paperwork should be returned to Personnel for completion no later than two weeks before this deadline (e.g., a June 1 retirement date = paperwork required to be in Montgomery by May 1 = paperwork needs to be returned to Personnel no later than April 15).

    Retiree Notice of Postretirement Employment

    Any TRS retiree who is employed or performs a service for an agency participating in TRS or ERS must submit a Retiree Notice of Postretirement Employment form and be aware of earning limits. A copy of that form may be found on this website. You may continue to receive full retirement benefits provided you are not employed full-time on a permanent basis and your salary cannot exceed $32,000/year (for 2020). For additional information, visit Teachers' Retirement System of Alabama Post Retirement Employment Restrictions.

    Retirement Application Process PowerPoint

    This is a short PowerPoint that is designed to guide employees through the retirement application process.