• To access the STIPD Website:

    • Log onto the web via the Internet Explorer. Type the following link http://pdweb.alsde.edu/ into the search engine.
    • The diagram below will appear on the screen.
    Please Login







    • First time users should type the user name as follows: first initial, last initial of users' legal name and the last  six digits of the social security number.   For example: Jane Doe  =  jd123456.
    • The password for the first time user is the user's date of birth. Jane's birthday is January 1, 1963. The format will be 01-23-63 (mm-dd-yr). The STIPD user must use the dash to separate the digits.  Note: The password is encrypted and can not be viewed by others.
    • First time users must select the current LEA, as seen in the diagram above. To select the LEA, use the arrow on the pull down menu and select Tuscaloosa County Schools.
    • First time users will be prompted to update the user name and password.  Click the link and follow the prompt. (Suggestion: Please select a username and password that is easy to remember.)
    • Failure to follow directions in items 3, 4 and 5 will result as an "Invalid Log in."  Please try again. 
    • Legal names should be used at all times. 
    • If you have trouble logging onto the web, please consult your School Technology Coordinator.  If they cannot help, you may contact the District Technology Department.
    • The results of a "Successful Login" will be "Welcome" and the users' name. For example:  Welcome Jane Doe!   Welcome to Tuscaloosa County Schools!!!!