Matthews Elem. School Library

  •  5th Boys Reading  

    Here’s a review of library policies & procedures.

    Students may checkout library books for one week, and then they may renew them (until they are finished reading) unless someone is waiting for their book.

    Check out limits are:
    Kindergarten   1 book
    First Grade       1 book
    Second Grade 2 books
    Third Grade     2 books    (3 books second semester)
    Fourth Grade   3 books
    Fifth Grade       3 books

    During holidays, students are allowed (and encouraged) to check out books.

    TCSS policy sets these prices for lost books: 

    Hardbacks $20 and Paperbacks $7.50.
    We encourage families to regularly check book bags and to keep school materials in a special location in the house.


    Our online Catalog is Destiny.  You can access Destiny from home.   You'll get some warnings, but the site is trustworthy, so just keep going.  

    To read an ebook from home,  click on Capstone or MackinVia.   

    With MackinVia you'll need to type "Matthews Elementary, Northport, AL" in the school field.

    Your User ID and Password is mat.