• KHAN Academy

    www.khanacademy.org is a great resource to use with all subjects.  Access this website for thousands of teaching videos and review exercises and it’s FREE!

    The following courses can be found on this website:

    • Math: Kindergarten through Calculus
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • Social Studies: World History, US History and Economics
    • Computing


    www.quizlet.com is another excellent tool to help you study.  You can use the information that is already loaded o this website or you can create your own flashcards and tests.  This is commonly used by college students to study for tests.

    Study Stack

    www.studystack.com allows you to set up an account and access tons of flashcards and games created by students from all over the country on topics from every subject area.


    UA Tutoring

    UA Tutoring