• Welcome to Englewood Elementary School! kids on bus
    Transitioning to elementary school can be hard on students, as well as their parents. Here are a few tips and websites that provide information on making it an easier transition. 
    kid Differences to expect:  
    1.  Students begin taking standardized tests in the third grade in TCSS. Please see the testing section for more information about the ACAP test.
    2.  Some students will change classes, this means they will have more than one teacher.
    3.  Students will be gaining more freedom and learning about taking more responsibility for their work.
    4.  Being at a different school means different rules and procedures. A policy booklet will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. Always feel free to email or call the school with any questions.
    5.  Students will be given grades for the first time. Please ask about INOW set up instructions to keep up with your child's progress. 
    Be sure to check the webpage often for announcements and activities that are approaching. We will announce open houses and other important events on the website, by phone messages, and through newsletters.