• Student Conduct:     Dress Code

    A standardized dress code of Tuscaloosa County Schools has been adopted to ensure that all students are provided safe and appropriate educational opportunities free from unnecessary disruptions or outside influences and to instill in students the need to dress appropriately and respect each other and authority.  

    Students who have questionable or inappropriate dress will not be allowed to attend class. The following items will serve as a minimum guide to acceptable dress for Tuscaloosa County Schools students. Each school reserves the right to establish dress code guidelines in addition to this guide.  



    1. All students must wear shirts, blouses, or dresses with a collar or with a non-revealing neckline such as, crew neck, jewel neck, or boat neck. Low cut, open back, bare midriff, or clothing that allows the midriff to be exposed are not permitted.  

    1. Students may wear sleeveless garments which adequately cover undergarments. Spaghetti and/or thin-strapped shirts may be worn only over another T-shirt or if covered by a blouse with sleeves.  

    1. No obscene language and/or illegal substance advertisements (including alcoholic and tobacco advertisements) may be worn on clothing or accessories.  

    1. Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at the waist and fit properly. Pajama-style pants are prohibited. Skirts, shorts, and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer in front and back. No slits, holes, or leg openings may be allowed about mid-thigh. Leggings should be worn with the appropriate outer garments.  

    1. Shirts should fit properly and not be too large, too tight, too short, or too long.  

    1. Blankets may not be brought or worn to school.  

    1. No hats, caps, head coverings, hair curlers, picks, bandanas, bonnets, head dressings, or sunglasses will be worn in school.  

    1. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes at all times. Shoes with wheels are not appropriate for the school environment. Tennis shoes will be required for a physical education class.  

    1. Students’ clothing should be neat and clean and not in noticeable disrepair.  

    1. Appropriate undergarments must be worn and not visible.  

    1. Ear piercings are allowed. Earrings, hairstyles, and other adornments that draw attention to oneself in a manner that may be disruptive to the educational process or pose a safety risk are prohibited.  

    1. Students are prohibited from wearing any metal chains; metal spiked apparel, or accessories that may pose a safety risk.  

    1. Students are to wear clothing in the manner it is designed to be worn (i.e., Clothing worn backward or inside out is not allowed.) No excessively tight or revealing clothing, or see-through garments, may be worn.  

    1. Students are prohibited from wearing any sign, symbol, logo, or garment which has become synonymous with any gang or unauthorized club or organizational activity. This also included any avenue for the promotion of products or activities prohibited by school policy or that are inflammatory and may generate negative feelings among the student body.  


    **The above items serve as a minimum guide. The principal shall have the discretion to outline other appropriate guidelines for their campus for special occasions.**