• Mrs. Anderson's Course Outline                     Social Studies 6                  E-mail: canderson@tcss.net
    Course Description:
    This course focuses on modern America from 1900 to the present.  At the beginning of the course, we will discuss the industrial, urban, and social changes in America from 1865 through 1900.  This progression will provide the students with a smooth transition into the study of modern America  Our major themes will include History, Geography, Economics, culture, and civics/government.  Throughout our exciting historical exploration, we will build on skills that I feel are essential in and out of the classroom, such as: critical thinking, analysis, evaluating, inferring, cooperative learning, reading, writing, and communicating.
    Academic Scholar:  We will be incorporating STEAM: A Framework for Education Across the Disciplines.  STEAM equals Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering and the ARTS, ALL BASED IN MATHEMATICAL ELEMENTS. 
    Materials needed:
    3 ring binder                   scissors
    Loose-leaf paper             glue sticks
    Black or blue pens          twistable crayons
    Five binder dividers        3 ring pencil pouch
    Grading Policy:
    Daily assignments, class work, participation, cooperative group activities, current events all count 100 points.  Projects and service learning activities count 200 points.  Extra credit projects will be available once every nine-weeks grading period.  A cumulative exam will be given at the end of each grading period and will count 10% of their final grade.  Five points will be taken off all assignments that are missing a name.  Students will be required to assess their academic performance, participation, behavior, and effort. 
    There is no fee for this social studies class, but I want to provide students with a variety of hands-on activities to make social studies come alive.  Students are asked to make a one time donation of $10.00.  Please make checks payable to Collins-Riverside Middle School, and have the student's name on the check.
    I will be happy to schedule conferences any day during my prep period or after school.  Please call the main office to set up a conference at 342-2680.
    Social Studies 6-Mrs. Anderson-Course Outline
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