• Welborn
    Math8/Honors Math 8/Algebra I
    Email: lwelborn@tcss.net
    Phone Number: 342-3680
    Prep time: After school
    Grades are determined by the amount of points earned divided by the amount of points possible for the nine weeks. We will have various methods of assessments including, but not limited to, classwork assignments, homework assignments, quizzes (announced and unannounced), class participation, tests, and a nine week comprehensive exam for each nine weeks.
    INOW online is the best way for you to keep up with grades!!! Grades are posted on a regular basis.
    *Spiral notebook with pockets OR 3 ring binder with paper and pockets.
    *Pencils (no pens).
    *Scientific calculator.
    Students who are absent have two days to complete any missed work.  It is the student's responsibility to see me about the work missed.  If more than one absence occurs, the student and I will have a discussion about due dates for the work.  In the case that the work missed is not completed in the allotted tine, the student will r4eceive zeros for the assignment.
    If an assignment is not completed or turned in on time, the student can have two days to turn the assignment in after the due date.  After two days, if the assignment was not completed, a LATE WORK WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TWO TIMES PER NINE WEEKS.
    The policy outlined by the TCBOE will be followed.  All students are expected to be in their seats and ready when the bell rings.  Students that are not in their assigned seats when the bell rings, will receive a tardy.  Our time is valuable and not to be wasted.
    All Tuscaloosa County Board policies, CRMS policies, and classroom rules will be followed.  Students who choose not to follow the rules, will be presented with a variety of interventions such as warnings, parent contact, and office referrals.  A discipline record will be kept in the classroom documenting all incidents.