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    Physical Education Rules


    Tardiness- You are tardy if you are not sitting in your assigned seat when the bell rings. (Being inside the gym, does not make you on time.)


    Entering/Exiting the Gym- Males will go through the entrance doors to the right (if you’re facing the gym from the hallway), females will go through the entrance doors to the left (if you’re facing the gym from the hallway). Students caught using the wrong doors will be sent back & tardy if late. Students should stop talking as soon as the bell rings to start class.


    Backpacks/Binders- Do not bring these items in the gym. Take these items to your hall locker for storage during PE. Students that do not have a hall locker will have a designated area to put these materials. 


    Electronics- Electronics will not be used in the gym unless the teacher gives the student permission.  Electronics should only be used for games & music.  No texting!!!


    PE Lockers- PE lockers are $10 each. Each locker comes with an combination that should not be shared with anyone.  Students caught trying to open or vandalizing another student’s locker, will be sent directly to the principal.


    PE Equipment- Students are responsible for using PE equipment safely & responsibly. Student’s caught misusing the equipment will be subject to a discipline referral.


    Leaving the Gym- No student is allowed to leave the gym for any reason, unless they have a hall pass from the teacher. Students leaving the gym for water, must return within time frame allotted by teacher (20-30 seconds). Students will not be allowed to leave the gym to retrieve dress out clothes.  Student’s caught leaving the gym without permission will receive a discipline referral for out of assigned area.


    Horseplay- Horseplay consists of:  throwing objects, pushing, tripping, slapping, wrestling, & not participating as directed by the teacher.  Student’s caught horse playing will be subject to the PE consequence guideline.


    Dressing Out- Students will dress out Monday-Thursday of each week.  Students are not required to dress out on Friday’s in which they are awarded choice day. Students can wear shorts, jogging pants, or wind pants for PE class. Students will wear a gray tee shirt for PE class. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts. Students will be required to wear non-marking tennis shoes. Boots, sandals, flip-flops will not be allowed for participation. Students will be given 5 minutes to dress out, after 5 minutes the locker room will be locked and cleared. *Friday Choice Day is a privilege related to good student behavior throughout the week & can be taken away at any time at the teacher’s discretion. Students will know by Thursday if Friday Choice Day has been taken away. If choice day is taken away, then Friday will be treated like the other four days.


    Locker Room Conduct- No student shall enter the locker room without the permission of the teacher. The locker room is off limits to all students after dressing out has been completed. The door will be locked after dressing out & unlocked for dressing back in. Horseplay, Bullying, & Vandalism will not be tolerated & will result in an immediate discipline referral.


    Food/Liquids- No food or drink should be brought inside the gym. This also includes chewing gum, sunflower seeds, or candy. 




    Pre-Activity- Each day, all students will be required to participate in 10 minutes of walk/jog/run, stretching, or agilities. This is mandatory for all students, students refusing to participate will be sent to the office. Students failing to participate correctly will lose their dress out privileges for that day & have to do a written assignment for participation points.


    Students who do not dress out- Students will be required to participate whether they dress out or not.


    Participation- Students will not be graded on how good they are at each sport, but on the effort that they put forth in each activity. Students who fail to participate will lose 20 points for each day they do not participate. Students that refuse to participate in physical activities will be given a hand written assignment or be required to walk laps.  Walking laps or completing hand written assignment does not redeem your 20 participation points.


    Activities- Students will participate/complete various PE activities according to Alabama Standards for Physical Education. Students will be given rules/directions for every activity. Students will participate in the following activities (weight training, aerobics, basketball, kickball, softball/baseball, flag/2 hand touch football, bowling, archery, team handball, dance, physical fitness testing, & more.  Students are responsible to follow all directions/rules for each activity. Students are also responsible for using the equipment correctly/safely.


    Consequences for misbehavior- Misbehavior is horseplay, breaking rules, misusing equipment, bad sportsmanship, disrespect for classmates or teacher.

    1st offense will result in a warning.

    2nd offense will result in the student being taken out of the activity & put in an assigned area for the remainder of the class. If the misbehavior happened at the end of class, the student will sit out the next day.

    3rd offense will result in 1 week of written assignments during PE class.

    Any other misbehavior after 3rd strike will have the same consequence as the 3rd.

    *Each offense is subject to immediate office referral, depending on the severity of the misbehavior.

    *Fighting, vulgar language, bullying, throwing rocks, vandalism & disrespect to the teacher will result in immediate discipline referral.

    Misbehaviors will be charted in the teacher’s grade book for reference.



    Each student will start the week with a 100 for that week’s assignment.

    Students lose 20 points per day for not participating.  *No partial credit.

    Handout/written assignment will not count as participation grade for students who don’t participate.


    Parent/Student Signature Form


    Parents:  I have read all of the Physical Education information & discipline guidelines. I will support these guidelines and provide my child with all necessary materials.


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