• Transition Standards
     Standard 2:  Exhibit appropriate work habits and behaviors (e.g., punctuality, time management, task completion, and quality task performance).
    TS.OC.10.2C  Demonstrate appropriate work habits and behaviors and identify the importance of those habits and behaviors in the work environment.
    Standard 4:  Demonstrate appropriate work ethics (e.g., honesty, dependability, loyalty).
    TS.OC.9.4C  Identify five or more aspects or examples of an appropriate work ethic.
    TS.OC. 11.4C  Apply rules, policies, and procedures of the workplace.
    Standard 1:  Demonstrate adequate job-readiness skills (e.g., positive attitudes, following directions, asking for help when needed, flexibility).
    TS.OC.10.1C   Identify and demonstrate self-discipline, self-worth, positive attitudes, and integrity in school and work settings.