• Career Cluster Explorations
    6th Grade
    Collins-Riverside Middle School
    Lisa Ford-Instructor
    Course Description
       Career Cluster Explorations is a semester long course designed for students in Grade 6 to improve communication skills, learn about the value of work, develop leadership skills, explore career opportunities, and become aware of basic employability.
       Career and technical student organizations are integral, cocurricular components of each career and technical education course.  These organizations serve as a mens to enhance classroom instruction while heping students devlop leadership abiities,expand workplace readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Our career/Technical Student Organization is TSA, Technology Student Association.There are no prerequisites required.
       Academic, attendance, and discipline policies of the school will be followed (see clas responsibilities).  All students will have the opportunity for success in this classroom.  All requests for accommodations for this course are welcome from students and parents.  For a conference, please call:  342-2680 or email lford@tcss.net
       There will be no distribution of textbooks. A classroom set remains in the department for student use.  If a student is absent, he/she wil need to check out a book from the teacher.
       A required $25.00 course fee should be paid in full upon entering the class.
     Required Supplies:
    • 1" white three-ring binder with plastic overlays and loose leaf notebook paper
    • Pen Pouch for Notebook 

    Essential Functions:

    • Keep organized notebook.
    • Take accurate and useful class notes.
    • Complete assignments/homework.
    • Read and comprehend the text and supplemental readings.
    • Actively participate in class laboratories.
    • Perform work in cooperative groups in an orderly manner. 


       Points will be earned by daily work, laboratory grades, tests, projectgs/activities, and notebook.  Grades will be determined by dividing points earned by total points possible.
    F=Below 59.4
    Content Standards:
    Students will:
    1.    Demonstrate basic technology skills. Examples:  managing files, using the Internet,using application programs.
    2.    Explain personal and societal benefits of work.
    3.    Demonstrate oral presentation skills that sustain listener attention and interest, including eye contact, clear enunciation, and use of
           visual aids.  Preparing support materials to accompany a presentation, including tables and charts.
    4.    Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information.
    5.    Summarize written materials from various career sources clearly, succinctly, and accurately.
    6.    Create a personal plan of study to meet career goals and objectives. 
    7.    Demonstrate positive work behaviors and personal qualities, including displaying a willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills,
           demonstrating integrity in a work situation, and indicating a willingness to follow rules and procedures.
    8.    Describe employment skills needed for obtaining and maintaining a job.
    9.    Demonstrate interpersonal skills, including teamwork, conflict management, problem solving, and networking.
    10.  Demonstrate leadership skills for creating an environment that fosters mutual trust and confidence.
    11.  Demonstrate the ability to locate resources to determine job and career opportunities related to the Alabama Career and Technical
           Education clusters.
    12.  Identify employment opportunities to match personal interest and aptitudes.
    Course Content
    Technology, Work Ethics, Communication Skills, Employability Skills, Leadership, Career Opportunities
    Essential Questions:
    1.  What changes and challenges do adolescents face in the 21st century?
    2.  How does technology influence ad affect the decisions of adolescents?
    3.  What factors impact choosing a career?
    4.  What independent living skills will teens need to possess in order to: purchase and care for clothing, maintain a home, get along with
         others, make wise consumer decisions and care for children?
    Culminating Projects:
    Each unit we address will have a project(s) related to the unit.  Career options will be presented but not limited to the following units: Technology, Child Development, Communications, Foo Preparation, and the World of Work. 
    Available Industry Credentials:
    Possibilities include, but are not limited too: Red Cross-Babysitting Certificate and Servsafe
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