• Ms. Jessica White 6th Grade Math SPE Teacher    
       Hello! My name is Ms. Jessica Perry and I am the 6th Grade and 8th Math Special Education Teacher. I am a graduate from the Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Collaborative Teaching 6-12. I was apart of the Mighty Marching Hornet band in which I played the clarinet. I have a loving family whom I adore so very much! I have always valued my family and held them very close to my heart. They are truly my support system and my heart and I wouldn't trade them for the world. One unique fact about me is that I have a twin sister and she along with my older sister are my best friends. I am married to my wonderful husband in which we just celebrated our first year together! He is also an educator; we met at our previous school where we taught together! He is my support and heart as well and we are excited about life together!
       I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I was educated in the Tuscaloosa City Schools District. I began my career with Tuscaloosa City Schools and this is my third year in the Tuscaloosa County School System. This is fifth year teaching Special Education and I truly enjoy what I do. I hope to continue in my career with the Tuscaloosa County School System in order to grow in my career and education. I am currently working on my Master's of Education with a concentration in School Counseling. I am excited about working with students and teaching them according to their individual needs and helping them to grow and mature as functioning citizens!