• Parents/Guardians,

    Refer to your cadet's INow account and look for the grade item "Uniform Issue".  In the comments section of your cadet's grade, you will find the uniform package your cadet has signed for.  The monetary amount for which your cadet (you, the parent/guardian) will be responsible for if an item, or more, becomes lost or damaged due to neglect/improper maintenance is located above block #15, in the box labeled "SHEET TOTAL".  The costs for individual items can be found in the column labeled "TOTAL COST".  Please stress the proper care and accountability of the items associated with these uniforms, as replacement costs can be very expensive.  Your cadet will be required to wear their uniform (for a grade), every Tuesday unless otherwise told.  If they wear their uniform as directed, this will help with the proper accountability and maintenance of the uniform and should help reduce the risk of lost items and the replacement of damaged items, outside of neglect or misplacement.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via my email address, which can be found on my home page.


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Cadet Uniform Hand Receipts