• United States History 10




    Essential Functions


    Each student must demonstrate the ability to function at a tenth grade level or higher in the following areas:


    ·         Read and comprehend test and supplemental readings

    ·         Communicate in written and oral forms using standard grammar, sentence and paragraph structure

    ·         Understand and respond in written and oral forms to higher order of critical thinking questions

    ·         Comprehend spoken and written terminology unique of the areas of study

    ·         Actively participate in classroom discussions

    ·         Take accurate and useful notes

    ·         Work effectively in cooperative learning groups

    ·         Possess independent study skills


    Successful completion of this course is dependent upon student utilization of these skills in analyzing and evaluating issues relating to United States History.




    1.      2 inch 3 ring binder with a clear plastic front that a sheet of paper can slide into, U.S. History and the student’s name should be on the paper in the clear pouch, (all notes, homework, and handouts will be kept in this binder)

    2.      Notebook paper

    3.      Pencils and or pens ( Blue or Black)

    4.      Divider tabs ( Warm Ups, Notes, and Daily Work)




    ·         A positive attitude in an atmosphere of mutual respect is expected at all times.

    ·         Students are expected to comply with all the polices set forth by the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education regarding tardies, make-up work, standards of behavior, etc.

    ·         Attendance is required to successfully complete the course. A portion of the content will extend beyond the scope of the text and will be covered only in the classroom discussion.

    ·         Any work missed due to an excused absence may be made up within the guidelines of the Student Handbook. It is the students’ responsibility to contact me within the prescribed time framed allotted for make-up work.

    ·         All students should be adequately prepared to participate in all classroom discussions in an informed manner.

    ·         Students should come to class prepared to work bringing all necessary materials (textbook, paper, pen, binder) to every class session.

    ·         All assignments are to be handed in on time, neatly done, on notebook paper, in pen or pencil.

    ·         All students will be required to read and analyze assigned pages in the textbook as well as primary and secondary materials that I will provide.


    Grading Policy


    The final grade for each grading period will be based on various methods of assessment. These include, but are not limited to, tests, homework assignments, projects, essays, organized notebooks quizzes, and class participation.  I use percentages to break your final grade into three categories.