Internet Safety

Using the Internet and Cell Phones Safely

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    Tuscaloosa County Board of Education Technology Department has teamed up with Blue Coat Systems to offer its Internet filtering software for free to parents in our communities. They've created a consumer-friendly parental-control solution called K9 Web Protection that's based on their commercial technology. Any parent can have it for free by going to
    Here are some great videos on safety to watch and discuss with your children:   All about internet safety for kids 8-10
  This is a great site for kids. It explains how to be safe online. 
    Did you know that you can set parameters for your child’s cell phone usage? If you want to set the amount of cell phone/texting with time restrictions or days of the week restrictions, block calls, use content filtering, disable cell phone usage after a set amount of minutes/texting, have a warning message sent that lets your child know that the limit is about to be reached for texting/calling, or restrict content, call your cell phone provider to establish these restrictions.