• Davis-Emerson Middle School and Holt High Music Classes Rules and Expectations 


    Welcome back to a new and different year! My name is Mr. George Cobb and I am the current music director for Davis-Emerson Middle and Holt High Schools. I am responsible for teaching band and choir for both schools as well as guitar and piano at Holt. I am glad to be here another year and glad you are in my performance groups. So, the following is the information you will need to know to get off to a great start at DEMS as well as Holt High. 


    • DEMS BANDS- Students at DEMS are either in the Beginning Band or the Intermediate/Advanced Band. These groups would normally meet during the school day at regular times (2nd and 3rd periods) but for now the classes will meet online as well as during the second period for those in-school students. Every day during the 2nd period time I will come and get some of you for class. The online class will be able to log on to Schoology every day for class as well as sometimes be able to live stream the class. Students will be assigned a cubby/locker in the band room for storage of your instrument. Performance with the Holt High School Marching Band is open to 7th and 8th grade band members and will require after school rehearsals at Holt on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 PM to 6PM and most games played on Fridays. Participation in the marching band is a great way to show school spirit and build your skills as a performer. 
    • DEMS CHOIR- Students at DEMS can be a part of the choir which is normally scheduled for 1st period. However, with the addition of remote learning and some in school learning, choir will be very different this term. There will be a lot of “self- singing” meaning we will not sing as a group as much as we will do singing lessons. There will be a lot more theory and music history lessons and assignments. Through Schoology there will be videos and discussions that each student is responsible for completion.  
    • HOLT BAND- Students at Holt High School (HHS) will either be in the band class in person or remote learning from home. HHS Band Students are still responsible for practicing their instrument as well as completing all the Schoology assignments and discussions. All HHS band students will receive a subscription to Smart Music and will be required to submit their assigned performances. HHS Marching Band members will still be required to come to afterschool band rehearsals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm. Most football games will be on Fridays.  
    • HOLT CHOIR- Students at HHS can be a part of the choir which is normally scheduled for 5th period. However, with the addition of remote learning and some in school learning, choir will be very different this term. There will be a lot of “self- singing” meaning we will not sing as a group as much as we will do singing lessons. There will be a lot more theory and music history lessons and assignments. Through Schoology there will be videos and discussions that each student is responsible for completion. In-person classes will focus a lot on how to sing and music reading skills. 
    • BEGINNING GUITAR – Students at HHS are welcomed to participate in the beginning level guitar class. Many students have never played guitar and some students are self-taught. This class is designed to teach and cover basic guitar playing skills such as: music notation reading, tablature, chording, picking, tuning, string replacement, song writing. Guitars are checked out to the student and maybe taken home for practice as long as students and parents understand they are solely responsible for the guitar, case and any other materials checked out to the student for the class.  
    • BEGINNING PIANO- Students at HHS are welcomed to participate in the beginning level piano class. Students do not have to have any experience to take this class and students who are self-taught or had some lessons are welcomed as well. This class is designed to teach foundations of piano playing: musical notation reading, proper hand placement, melody and harmony, music theory. Holt High School Music Department has keyboards and keyboard stands for students to check out to use at home as long students and parents understand they are solely responsible for the guitar, case and any other materials checked out to the student for the class. 


    All Music Classes require some of the same materials and some require some specific items for the class. Whether you are doing in-person learning or remote learning students are required to have the materials need to satisfy and complete the assignments and discussions in Schoology or written to be turned in personally. These are the items you will need to have for your class: 

    • Music Binder/Folder (Depending on which music class you are enrolled; you may need a simple folder or a binder with clear page protectors. This will be discussed in each class as what is needed specifically. 
    • Music Book/ Music Selections  
    • Pencil, Pen and Highlighter 
    • Musical instrument (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboard) 
    • Musical Accessories: Reeds, Valve oil, Slide oil/grease, Picks, Stands 
    • Electronic Devices: iPad, MacBook, Smart Phone, Laptop (Make sure the appropriate apps are loaded on your device so you can complete the assignments.) 



    Band fees are different at DEMS and HHS. The fees are collected when you pay fees at schedule pick up at DEMS while fees at HHS are paid directly to the director. Fees cover the cost to operate the music programs at each school. Marching Band fee is $150 which is divided into payments. We do fundraisers at both schools to help with the fees. The marching band fees also cover the costs of gear such as wind suite, hoodies, t-shirts, caps, socks, shoes and gloves. The fees at DEMS will cover the costs of reeds and valve oil as well partially cover the costs of the DEMS t-shirts for band and choir. 


    • Attendance is MANDATORY at every rehearsal, and everyone is expected to be on time and ready to rehearse. If you are a remote learner you are still responsible to be on time for class streaming, class discussions as well as any rehearsals or meetings.  
    • Students participating in marching band are expected to be present and ready to rehearse with all materials, equipment and instruments. 
    • When attending class (in-person or remote) please remember that dress code is in full affect and should be adhered. 
    • Attendance is also part of your participation grade. 


    • When the director is speaking, teaching or conducting no should be playing their instrument, talking or singing out. Talking or playing out of turn prevents the entire group from learning. Especially when we are live streaming or in discussion groups, it is essential that all participants are cordial and respectful or each other. 
    • Even with remote learning as well as in person learning, always raise your hand and wait to be recognized to ask or respond to a question or to contribute to the discussion.  
    • No one is allowed to chew gum, eat food or drink (except water) in the band room for any class or while participating in the performance or playing lessons. 
    • You cannot play another’s instrument. Due to COVID 19, this is WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.  Students who play shared instruments such as tubas must use their own mouthpiece. 
    • All students who play guitar and or pianos must play the instruments with care and not in way that will cause damage. EACH STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR INSTRUMENT AND ALL COSTS PERTSAINING TO ANY REPAIRS NEEDED FOR THE INSTRUMENT CHECKED OUT TO THAT STUDENT! 

    Everyone should be: 

    •  Respectful - When one enters the band room or a chat room/discussion, make sure you are quiet and or wait your time to be acknowledged. At all times one should make sure to keep hands and personal property to oneself as well as your instrument. One should treat others in like manner as you would like to be treated. 
    •  Responsible – One should always be prepared for class, no matter if you are a remote learner or in-person. One should always make sure assignments and performance presentations are complete and ready to be presented. 
    • Resourceful- All students should have a GREAT attitude when entering the class room and or chat/discussion whether in-person or remote. Students should be focusedprepared to learn and be engaged. 


    • Every student is expected to be on their best behavior at all times. There are times when one is just not having a bad day. When those times come along, students should speak with the instructor and the instructor will take that in consideration with regards towards daily participation. 
    • When a student is not behaving as one should these are the following steps that will be taken: 
    • Verbal Warning (Three Strikes) - the verbal warning will be given to the student and documented in the discipline notebook. Verbal warnings are in place for the student to change their behavior and normally participate in the class. 
    • Student Step-out/Instrument Retirement for the day- After the verbal warnings and the student has yet to change their behavior in the class will be asked to step out in the hall, sent to a “cooling-off spot with another teacher on the hall and or asked to put their instrument up for the day.  
    • Phone Call to the Parent(s)- If a student has to step out in the hall and does not change their behavior, their parent(s) will be called, emailed, texted and or messengered. There will also be written documentation sent to the Front Office documenting the student's behavior for that incident. Since music classes are performance-based classes, anytime a student cannot participate in class due to their behavior will affect their daily participation grade. 
    • Office Referral- Students whose behavior does not improve after the previous steps are taken or severe/extreme disruptive behavior in class will be receive an office referral. If a student’s behavior becomes a consistent problem, then that student’s schedule will be changed and the student removed from participating in that music class.  


    • Music class grading come from several areas: Participation, Performances, Class Preparation, Written Assignments and CAPE (Cooperation, Attitude, Participation Effort), Discussion/ Chat Room, Streaming Lessons, Smart Music (for those with an account). 
    • Most points will be on a scale of 50 to 100 points Total per assignment and assessment. 
    • There will be playing test and in-class musical performance tests for In-person and remote learners as well 
    • Honest attempts are graded based on the student's efforts and not for perfection. As long as a student demonstrates that they are trying, the grading will reflect such.  
    • Practice attempts and demonstrations are also considered in grading. 
    • Assignment due dates are closely observed and will play a major role in student’s homework and presentations. 
    • Quizzes, assessments, daily work and projects will each receive the total points allowed (100 points). 
    • Performances and performance attendance are graded heavily and usually have multiple components.  


    • Band and choir students are required to be uniformed in their attire for performances. The basic uniform will be the band or choir t-shirt with either jeans, khakis pants and or black pants. Students will also need a white button-down shirt or blouse as well. 
    • Band and choir students will need black socks and shoes for the formal concert uniforms 
    • Marching band students will be given the marching band uniform along with other gear such as the band hat. 
    • Piano and Guitar classes will not need to worry about a uniform.