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  •  Vendor Applications are now available!   

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    The link works best in Chrome!  Also, you must complete the "additional information" section before it will let you complete the purchase.  

    Please read the information below before completing the vendor application! 

    Applications and payment are only accepted online. If you are having trouble, you can go to the TCHS front office, and they will help you using a school computer.  


    Vendor Facts & Information

    FAQ: Booth fee is $50 (+$3.25 GoFan Fee) for early bird registration until Oct. 31.  Beginning Nov. 1, the price will be $65 (+ GoFan Fee)

    FAQ: Vendors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate business license. Contact the City of Northport for assistance.

    • Independent consultants who work for a company (Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.) are typically covered by that company and do not need to purchase an additional license.  Check with your company and/or the city of Northport if you are unsure. 

    FAQ: Vendors are responsible for collecting sales tax on the items they sell.  Sales tax must be paid to the state and city.

    • Companies typically handle this for Independent Consultants, and if that is the case with your particular business, you are not required to pay taxes at the event.  

    FAQ: Vendors provide all equipment/furniture needed such as tables, chairs, method of taking payment, etc.

    FAQ: Wifi is unavailable. You are free to use your own hotspot/data/etc.

    FAQ: Vendors may not sell or display items that are prohibited on school property including, but not limited to:

    • Gambling, raffles, lotteries, or games of chance
    • Alcohol or tobacco products or related items (including vapes & e-cigs)
    • Items that depict or promote drugs, sex, or violence
    • Items containing profanity or are otherwise crude in nature
    • Weapons with the exception of non-firearm hunting tools. 
    • For specific questions regarding this topic or to verify an item may be brought on school property, email Dr. Dickens at Ddickens@tcss.net.

    FAQ: All vendors must adhere to TCSS board policies, which may be found in their entirety HERE.

    FAQ: Only one vendor for each “brand specific” product line will be allowed.  For example, we can’t have two Pampered Chef vendors who would be selling the exact same products for the exact same prices.  This does not apply if you have your own brand/products.  For example, two independent jewelry or candle makers will each have a very different stock/prices/etc. and that is fine.  For a list of current vendors, click the link on the left.

    FAQ: Should there be an accidental double booking, we will gladly refund the later vendor's money. We encourage multiple independent vendors selling the same type of product. For example two vendors selling handmade jewelry will have very different products and both are welcome.

    FAQ: This is a fundraiser for TCHS. There are no refunds for cancellations by vendors. (We will happily refund for double booking; see previous.)

    FAQ: Set up time is between 6:00-8:00 AM; shopping hours are from 8:00 AM-2:00 PM; There will be volunteers to help you unload and load.

    FAQ: You will be assigned a 10'X10' space. You may purchase more than one space, and we will ensure they are together.

    FAQ: Power is extremely limited. Items that require a lot of power such as machinery will blow the fuse and cannot be used.  Email Cdickens@tcss.net if you expressly need power.  We will try to accommodate you if we can.

     Email Cdickens@tcss.net if you have additional questions.  Thank you for supporting our school!  Go Wildcats!

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