• About Me

    Beth Sims  

      Beth Sims
       Northside High School
       Email: bsims@tcss.net
       Phone: (205) 342-2755
      Teaching Experience
       This is my 21st year at Northside High School.
      Educational Background
       I graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Education (English/Spanish double major).
       I earned a Master's degree in Second Langauage Acquisition and Teaching (ESL) from The University of Alabama.
       I have been married to William Sims for 17 years.  He used to work as an architect in Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, Alabama. 
       I have an adult son named Caleb who graduated from Northside.
       We have three dogs. We got Dudley first, the St. Bernard mix, when he was about a year old.  Later, we found Riley on the side of the interstate when she was little.  Finally, a few
       years ago, Katie came to live with us.  She was a stray who used to live around the NHS parking lot, so you may have seen her before!  They keep us busy and very entertained! 
    Dudley, Riley, and Katie