•   grade 3

    2 pack of crayons (24 count) 

    48 yellow #2 pencils (no print pencils or mechanical pencils)

    1 pack of pencil top erasers

    1 pair of scissors 

    2 composition notebook 

    2 packs of washable markers

    5 plastic folders with brads & pockets (one of each color: red, green, blue, yellow, purple) 
    4 glue sticks
    1 1-inch binder with a clear front pocket
    1 box of quart zip-loc bags (boys)
    1 box of gallon zip-loc bags (girls)
    Sharpies-black (boys)
    Highlighters (girls)
    1 bottle of hand sanitizer 8oz or larger
    2 rolls of paper towels
    2 boxes of Kleenex

    Clorox/Lysol wipes



    1 pack of bandaids 





    A labeled crayon/pencil box to store your items in your desk

    **ADDlTIONAL NEEDS: The School Nurse Request:

    Additional Latex-Free Band-Aids, Paper Towels, Quart Ziplock Bags