• TCSS Human Resources/Payroll/Technology “Who to Contact for Help” Guide 

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    Human Resources Contact Information

    Human Resources Fax: 342-2765

    Allison Mays, Sr. Director of Human Resources - amays@tcss.net

    Dana Fisher, Personnel Assistant - Certification Specialist 342-2780; dfisher@tcss.net 

    Pam Brown, Personnel Assistant - Time and Attendance/Absence Management - 342-2763; pbrown@tcss.net

    Meredith Fuller, Human Resources Secretary- 342-2719; mfuller@tcss.net

    *Contact HR for leave requests, experience verification for degree, certification, college/university admissions, retirement paperwork, and certification renewal. 

    Payroll Contact Information

    Payroll Fax: 758-4711

    Janice Flanigan, Bookkeeper (Payroll/Insurance), jflanigan@tcss.net, 342-2727 (Designated contact for CO/Transportation)            

    Bethany Gee (Payroll), bagee@tcss.net, 342-2762

    Ronnie Criss (Payroll), rdcriss@tcss.net, 342-2723

    *Contact payroll for questions related to benefits/insurance, employment verifications for income/loan purposes. 

    **Contact Michelle Townsend at mbtownsend@tcss.net with W-2 concerns. 

    *** Contact Bethany Gee (bagee@tcss,net) for Employee Self-Service concerns.

    Please keep in mind that not all personnel will be available during lunch hours and the beginning/end of the business day. Appointments recommended.

    Retirement System and PEEHIP - 1(877)517-0020                   

    Retirement System and PEEHIP Website- http://www.rsa-al.gov/

    Retirement System and PEEHIP Member Online Service – https://mso.rsa-al.gov/

    ALL EMPLOYEES MUST ENROLL IN AND USE MEMBER ONLINE SERVICES. This website allows you to make changes to your contact information for RSA/PEEHIP, add a qualifying life event to PEEHIP (ex., birth of a child), etc.

    TCSS ONLINE EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE PORTAL – https://mypay.tcss.net. Users self-register, so there is no need to contact Central Office staff for a user ID/password. This self-service portal allows employees to make name changes (must attach copy of Social Security Card online and must also notify the Retirement System through Member Online Services). The portal will also allow you to print copies of your payroll checks and W-2 forms. You will need your employee ID to register (see your local bookkeeper if you do not know this). You will also receive an email from a Gmail account to complete registration, so don’t be alarmed – it isn’t spam or worse!



    Who to Contact for Assistance

    PowerSchool SIS

    Local School Administrator or SIS contact at school needs to contact Kirk Junkin – kjunkin@tcss.net

    Safe Schools (Employee Online Training)

    Local School Administrator or INOW contact at the school can assist employees or submit troubleshooting to Charles Prosser at cprosser@tcss.net

    Door Access

    Local School Administrator needs to contact Brad Jessen

    E-mail and Intranet Access, including forgotten user names/passwords AND name changes related to log in/network access (in addition to contacting payroll)

    See Local School Administrator first (if you are a new employee) or reset.tcss.net. If you cannot reset your password, see your Local School Administrator to obtain a work order.

    Education Directory (EdDir)

    Local School Administrator to contact Shannon Alavrez (send a list of new employees who cannot be imported to Ms. Alvarez)

    STI-PD Chalkable Professional Development

    Local School Administrator and/or Debbie Harless at dhpatrick@tcss.net. Mrs. Harless is our system contact for PD.


    Suzette Wyatt – swyatt@tcss.net

    Name/Address Change

    NOTE: Please use the TCSS online self-service portal


    Absence Management and Time and Attendance including forgotten user names/passwords

    Local School Bookkeeper or Administrator first. If still need assistance, contact Pam Brown, Human Resources – pbrown@tcss.net

    On-the-Job Injury of Employee

    *Student accidents – Please send to Student Services

    Pam Brown, Human Resources

    Principal/Supervisor needs to send completed OJI form within 24 hours of the injury. 


    Kelly Education - 800-528-0049 Option 1 or email at EDSETalentsupport@kellyservices.com  

    Volunteer Badges

    Badges will not be made without verification of principal approval that the individual volunteers on a regular basis.

    Central Office Receptionist

    Personnel Action Forms

    Email to Allison Mays and cc: Dana Fisher

    Request to Post Position(s)

    Email to Allison Mays and cc: Meredith Fuller. Requests should be submitted by 2:00 p.m. for same day posting


    Email to Allison Mays and cc: Dana Fisher and Meredith Fuller

    TCSS Supplemental Contracts for Current Employees and Temporary/Part-Time Employee Agreements

    Meredith Fuller, Human Resources. ALL required paperwork for temporary/part-time employee agreements must be turned in at the same time. Do not send incomplete packets to HR.

    Independent Contracts 

    Chris Poole, Secretary to CFSO

    Federal Loan Forgiveness Forms

    Meredith Fuller, Human Resources

    Employment Verifications for School Systems/ALSDE/or Certification ONLY (ALSDE Supplement Form EXP)

    Meredith Fuller, Human Resources. Requests must be made in writing or via email. 

    Certification Questions

    Allison Mays or Dana Fisher, Human Resources

    ADA Employee Concerns

    Allison Mays, Human Resources

    Sexual Harassment Complaints

    Allison Mays, Human Resources

    Complaints may also be made to the Superintendent

    FMLA/Maternity Leave/Leave of Absence

    Dana Fisher, Human Resources. FMLA forms are available on the TCSS Intranet.

    Sick Leave Bank

    Janice Flanigan, Payroll. Forms are available on TCSS Intranet.

    Employment Verifications for income/credit purchases (Home, auto, boat, etc.)

    Designated Payroll Contact

    Any court document for garnishment, bankruptcy, etc. MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY!!!

    Janice Flanigan, Payroll

    Send original to Mrs. Flanigan ASAP because it is time-sensitive


    NOTE: Employees are required to enroll online upon hire and all TCSS employees should have a Members Online Services account with PEEHIP for address changes or to add a qualifying life event. This does NOT have to be done through the TCSS.

    1(877)517-0020 - PEEHIP

    Janice Flanigan, Payroll


    Teachers Retirement System

    NOTE: Employees should have a Members Online Services account. This is the same user name and login used for PEEHIP. This does NOT have  to be done through the TCSS.

    1(877)517-0020 – Teachers' Retirement System

    Retirement Paperwork Assistance

    NOTE: We will not provide individual calculations for retirement purposes. All employees who are considering retirement should contact RSA directly to set up an appointment to have specific questions answered. We will, however, facilitate the processing of the Retirement Application Packet.

    Dana Fisher, Human Resources

    *Appointments required. Forms are available on the RSA website.