Academic Calendar for 2019-2020 SURVEY OPTIONS

  • Parents and employees are invited to participate in a survey to provide feedback on two academic calendar options for the 2019-2020 school year. The calendar survey will be open until noon on Friday, January 18th. These options were developed by a committee composed of certified faculty members, classified staff, and parents.

    Much of the guidance for these options were a result of our pre-calendar survey conducted this past fall. Once the results of that survey were reviewed, the parameters for this upcoming year’s calendar were pretty clear. Key results are listed below.Calendar icon

    • Respondents included 1.92% students; 47.93% parents; 18.72% employee parents; and 31.43% employees.
    • Over 65% wanted employees to begin the first week of August, students the second week of August and to have everyone dismissed for summer before Memorial Day.
    • 57% wanted a full week for Thanksgiving holidays.
    • 82% thought Fall Break was okay to have or a great need.
    • Coordination of starting of school or ending of school with the Tuscaloosa City School System was not important (51%).
    • Coordination with the Tuscaloosa City School System and the University of Alabama for Spring Break was important (35%) or okay if possible (27%).
    • Identified priorities were: (a) having two weeks for Winter break; (b) ending school before Memorial Day; and (c) having a fall break.

    At the conclusion of the survey window (noon on Friday, January 18th), results will be compiled. Dr. Davie will make a recommendation to the Board of Education for a 2019-2020 calendar at its January 28th meeting.

    To view the two calendar options, please click on the links below.

             OPTION A                         OPTION B


    In order to take the survey, please click here. Thanks for your interest and feedback!