• Lunchroom Information


    Breakfast and lunch are served beginning the first day of school. Free and reduced meals will be available for qualifying students in accordance with the policy adopted by the Board of Education. Cashiers will utilize computers to maintain lunch accounts. This will enable them to accept payment by the day, week, month, or term/semester. Lunch money can also be added to lunchroom accounts through My School Bucks. Please understand that all lunches are to be paid for prior to eating. We will not charge lunches. If you are sending lunch money, please make sure to send any money labeled with the child’s name and what the money is for in an envelope.


    Breakfast begins each morning at 7:30 a.m. Students who are eating breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria in the mornings.


    Elementary School Breakfasts for Students...$1.50

    Reduced Price Breakfasts...$0.30

    Visiting Adult Breakfasts...$2.00


    Elementary School Lunches for Students...$2.65

    Reduced Price Lunches...$0.40

    Visiting Adult Lunches...$4.25


    Please be mindful that lunches brought from home should be ready to eat. Due to safety rules, WES faculty and staff are not allowed to heat lunches. Please do not bring fast food or soft drinks into the lunchroom. This is a violation of the TCSS Wellness policy. The TCSS Wellness policy, which is based on state and federal guidelines, prohibits food from outside sources on campus.



    Students bringing snack items from home should include healthy options. Please refrain from sending candy items for snack. Remember, soft drinks are not allowed. We encourage water bottles with water and healthy options for snacking. Should you have any questions, please ask.


    All food served to students must be made in a commercial kitchen. Homemade items are not allowed to be given to other students. A list of ingredients must be on the container. This rule is meant to avoid any reactions for students who have allergies and to stay in accordance with necessary state and federal guidelines.