Project Outreach

  •      Project Outreach was first started at Sipsey Valley Middle School during the 2018 - 2019 school year. Project Outreach is a unique organization that strives to create genuine relationships between individuals with disabilities and their community.  We work on helping connect students with disabilities to their non-disabled peers for the betterment of them both.  Our vision is to spread awareness and understanding of disabilities throughout the community.  We plan to do this by continuing this club, participating and/or hosting community-wide events, and forming relationships through personal experiences. 

         "Shooting 2 Change" is one of the events designed to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism. During a specific week in January, a designated home basketball game is highlighted to bring awareness to autism. At our first Shooting 2 Change in January 2019, we were able to bring awareness to autism during half time by announcing statistics and having students shoot for baskets. As we continue using this fundraiser to help everyone know about autism, please listen for announcements when this school year's Shooting 2 Change event will take place and plan to be a part of it. Another planned event is called "Week of Change" where daily awareness announcements were made about a variety of disabilities and hands-on activities were performed to ensure a better understanding of disabilities.  

         Students in grades 7 and 8 are invited to participate by completing an application, writing a response to why you are interested in the club, and receiving great teacher recommendations for your participation. Listen to daily school announcements to hear about the sign-up dates for this year.   

         For further information, contact Mrs. Sammi Lee or Ms. Rebekah Robertson (205-342-2870).