• Duties of SGA Representatives

    • Attend SGA Meetings 

    • Actively represent the needs and concerns of the students at SGA meeting

    • Communicate appropriately and effectively

    • Provide support to SGA Officers

    • Participate in SGA Sponsored Events and Activities


    What Makes a Good/Bad Student Council Member?

        A good member of Student Council and an outstanding leader is not solely determined by who has the loudest voice, is the most popular, or who can organize an activity the best.  The person's day-to-day performance and character is a large factor that determines the quality of that leader. 

    A good leader/member:

         Shows respect for other members by being on time and bringing the necessary materials, assignments, and information to the meetings. Accepts the responsibility of sharing in the business at hand when a meeting convenes and understands that participation is essential. Tries to get other members to express their ideas for the benefit of all, even if it means less time for presenting personal ideas. Participates according to the "Golden Rule."  Listens appreciatively to other's ideas and contributions. Gives constant, active attention to the group's activity during the meeting. Knows the purpose of the meeting and helps keep the ideas on track to get things done. Earns the right to give constructive criticism freely by accepting it honestly.

         If we all develop these qualities, we will be able to accomplish our goals, and we will have greater unity among the members, which will be evident to the rest of the student body.