• Uniform Wear Policy for School Year 2021-2022
    • General.  Neat and well-groomed cadets are fundamental to the Tuscaloosa County High School JROTC program and contribute to building discipline, pride, and spirit, all of which are essential to an effective program.  The maximum uniform wear grade is 100 points each week.  This uniform wear policy applies to all uniform wear days.  The JROTC instructors issue all required uniform items to the cadets EXCEPT for black dress socks and white t-shirts.  Cadets are required to wear the prescribed uniform each uniform wear day.  Cadets may coordinate with the Senior Army Instructor or Army Instructor to wear the uniform one day earlier when the cadet will not be in class on a scheduled uniform wear day.
    • Excused absences. A cadet may make-up for an excused absence by wearing the uniform on the first day that a student returns to school after an excused absence.
    • Unexcused absences or neglect. A cadet who does not wear the uniform on a scheduled uniform wear day, due to an unexcused absence or neglect, may not make up that week’s uniform wear grade.
    • Hair. Acceptable hairstyles for JROTC cadets do not include extreme fads.  The Senior Army Instructor and Army Instructor make the final decisions on questionable hairstyles.  Female cadets’ hair is worn styled or pinned so that it does not touch the top of the collar or obscure the cadet’s eyes.  Male cadets’ hair is worn neatly trimmed.  It may not touch the ears or collar, or obscure a cadet’s eyes.  Sideburns may extend no lower than the bottom of the ear opening with the base ending in a clean shaven horizontal line.  Facial hair is limited to mustaches.  No portion of the mustache that extends beyond the corners of the mouth may fall below a line parallel with the bottom of the lower lip.  Goatees, beards, rat tails, bunny tails, or other prominent protrusion of hair below the normal hairline are not authorized.
    • Jewelry. Female cadets may wear 1 earring in each ear with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  No earrings are authorized with the Class C uniform (ACU).  Earrings may not exceed ¼ inch in diameter.  They may be of gold, silver, or white pearl; unadorned and spherical.  No other facial jewelry is authorized, i.e., lip rings, eyebrow piercings, etc.  Male cadets may not wear earrings or facial jewelry of any kind, i.e., lip rings, eyebrow piercings, etc.  No jewelry may appear exposed on uniforms.  Cadets may wear a wrist watch, a wrist identification bracelet, and not more than two rings.
    • Fingernails. Fingernails will be kept short and clean.  Male cadets may not wear fingernail polish.
    • Grooming. Good personal appearance includes good grooming.  This requires the cadets to clean their hair, teeth, and bodies.  It also includes taking care of their clothing – both civilian and uniform.  Cadets are required to keep their uniforms clean and pressed.  Uniform shirts are worn tucked into trousers at all times.  Cadets wear a white crew-neck T-shirt with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  Cadets wear a tan crew-neck T-shirt with the Class C uniform (ACU).  Cadets wear dress black crew-length socks and issued black shoes with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  Cadets wear issued boots with the Class C uniform.  Cadets wear all issued rank, awards, and decorations on the Class A and Class B uniforms
    • Turn-in.  All uniforms must be returned in mid-April. They must be sent to the cleaners and turned in to JROTC in the packaging from the cleaners.  Failure to do so will result in a $20 service fee.